Fishing Derby

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Pack 41's Annual Fishing Derby is a fun day which gives you the opportunity to complete a few requirements, electives and even a belt loop.  You might not complete all of the activities listed below.
All Scouts
Belt Loop - Fishing
1- Review your local fishing regulations with your leader or adult partner. Explain why they are important, and commit to following them.
2- Demonstrate how to properly bait a hook.
3- Try to catch a fish.
Pin - Fishing
1- Compete in a pack or community fishing tournament.
5- Tie three fishing flies. Use at least one to fish.
6- Demonstrate proficiency in casting at a target 30 feet away.
8- Replace the line in a fishing reel.
9- Make a simple pole and line fishing rig. Use it to catch a fish.
10- Catch a fish using artificial bait or lures.
11- Practice fishing on five occasions, complying with local fishing regulations and the Outdoor Code. (credit for 1 occasion)
Leave No Trace Award
2- On three separate outings, practice the front country guidelines of Leave No Trace (credit for 1 outing)
Requirement 5F - Go outside and watch the weather
Elective 9 - A New Friend - Help a new boy or girl get to know other people
Elective 22 - Picnic Fun - With your family or den, have a picnic
Requirement 10c - Plan a walk in a park or wooded area
Elective 13a- Make a list of all the birds you saw in a week and tell where you saw them
Elective 13d- Point out 10 different kinds of birds
Elecive 19a- Identify 5 different kinds of fish
Elective 19b- Rig a pole with line and hook, attach bobber and sinker. Go fishing
Elective 19c- Fish with an adult. Bait your hook and do your best to catch a fish.
Elective 19d- Know the rules of safe fishing
Elective 19e- Tell about some of the fishing laws where you live
Elective 19f- Show how to use a rod and reel
Requirement 12c- Have a picnic with your family
Requirement 12d- Attend an outdoor event with your family
Sportsman 3- Earn 2 sports belt loops (can earn Fishing)
Naturalist 5- Watch for birds in your town for one week. Identify the birds, write down where and when you saw them
Naturalist 8- Watch 6 wild animals in the wild, describe where you saw them and what they were doing
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Oct 2, 2012, 12:07 PM