Rank Advancement and Other Achievements


The Cub Scout Program has recently been updated, we are no longer able to access free PDF copies of the handbook.  You can purchase e-book versions at Amazon if you're so inclined.

Below are links to Boy Scout Trail, a website that is created and maintained by a life-long Scouter (adult involved in Scouting). While it is not directly affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, we've found this website to be a great resource over the years.  

Because the Lion Program is still considered a "pilot" it is not yet available on line.  As soon as we find it, we'll post a link.

Please keep in mind, you're not going to get as much detail from the website as you will from the handbook. Any questions about how to fulfill a requirement should be directed to your Den Leader.

Cub Scouts also has some optional programs that the scouts can participate in.  Below are two that have been earned by Pack 41 scouts.  The Nova/Supernova (Star Badge) is a STEM based program.  Most of the Nova work can be signed off by a parent or den leader, but the Supernova must be approved by a "Registered Counselor". Please talk to Nicole if your Scout is interested. The Family Program (the House badge) is a set of activities that your Scout and his family can do together.

Click on the pictures below to see the requirements for the Rank Advancements (left panel) and Optional Programs (right panel).  

Cub Scout Ranks



Optional Programs