Announcements and News


We hope you find your experience with Pack 39 enjoyable. September and October tend to be our busiest months, so don't be overwhelmed by the Pack and Den calendars. After the intensity of autumn lessens, we take a bit of a breather until events pick back up in earnest in the spring (and the return of warm weather). 

All parents are expected to help out where needed to make our Pack strong and help the kids have fun and learn a lot through Scouting. Pack 39 has an parent committee, but we need parents to volunteer for all manner of positions. We can't run the Pack alone. During membership drives and the Fall Kickoff Pack Meeting, we'll pass out questionnaires for where you can help, and of course answer any questions you might have.

Pack 39 has a parent committee that helps run the Pack and make it fun for all of us. We need volunteers for all manner of positions. Everyone is welcome to attend. We cannot run the Pack without you. We currently need help for fundraising and membership tracking. 

Once again this Summer, Pack 39 participated in the Summertime Pack Award Program. Any Pack 39 Scout who attended at least one Pack- or District-sponsored or -promoted scouting event in June, July, and August earned a BSA Summertime Pack Award Emblem that can be worn on the Scout uniform. Summertime Pack Award pins will be awarded at the Fall Kickoff Pack Meeting!