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Volunteer Opportunities

We need your skills and enthusiasm!  Please volunteer for any of the open jobs listed on this page by contacting us with your first and second interest.

Below are the roles of adults that help run our monthly pack meetings.  Feel free to volunteer for one or more of these roles for anywhere to one month to the entire year.
Recognition Planner - Leads recognition ceremonies.
Game Master - Leads the boys and their families in pre-opening activities and games.
Opener and Closer - Leads opening and closing ceremonies.
Goofy - Leades sparklers, audience participation stunts, goofy applause, and breaks in with a joke every now and then.
Decorations Committee - Helps decorate the meeting location in accordance with the monthly theme.
Refreshments Committee - Provides refreshments for all to share
Master of Ceremonies - Introduces each act.
Information Manager - Distributes newsletters and flyers and promotes special events.
Song Leader - Leads the entire group in song.
Greeters - Provides name tags.  Makes people feel welcome and directs traffic.  Determines den to receive the attendance award.
Director - Keeps track of who is up next, cues the acts and keeps the whole gang on schedule
Stage Manager - Makes sure the equipment is in place for each "act."
Den Leader - Plans den meetings/field trips, goes to training, gets support/advice from other leaders in the pack by attending pack leadership meetings and district roundtable.
Assistant Den Leader - Does essentially all the same things that a Den Leader does so that if something happens, the den meeting/field trip does not have to be cancelled for a lack of leadership.
Fall/Spring Campout - Assist the Camping Chair with getting the paperwork from the Scouts, verify suitability of location, OR planning age appropriate activities for different age Scouts and their siblings
Pinewood Derby - Assist with planning OR setup OR take down of races involving small blocks of wood that the Scouts, their siblings, and adult partners will create.
Blue & Gold Banquet - Assist with planning OR setup OR take down of this event where the Scouts will receive the rank they worked so hard for.  This is a very special event in the Scouting tradition.
Secretary/Treasurer - Keeps all records for the pack, including bank account, financial records, etc.
Food Drive - Assist with distributing fliers with the Scouts or picking up the bags of food on the assigned day.
Popcorn Sales  - Assists the Popcorn Kernel with distributing information to the Scouts and their adult partners and answers any questions they might have about popcorn sales.  Distribute popcorn, keep track of paperwork for the pack.
Advancement Chair - Maintains advancement records for the pack.  Orders and obtains all badges and insignia.
Scout Fair - Assist with ticket sales OR planning OR setup OR take down of our booth at the Scout Fair.
Pack Trainer - Organizes the Tiger cub dens and promotes leader training.
Summer Activities - Assist with planning OR setup OR take down of pack activities that are done during the summer such as day camp, ice skating, pool party, roller skating party.