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2013-14 Scouting Events: 
Brazosbend State Park, Oct 3rd -5thh:  Approximately 20 Scouts, siblings, and family members came out 
to Brazosbend State Park for a family camp out.  The Scouts visited the nature center where they learned about alligators and venomous snakes.  In addition, they learned about geocaching through the Brazosbend Geocaching 101 course - after lunch they went out in the woods with Adult Leaders and found a couple geocaches.  After a great dinner of fajitas . . . everyone went to the Observatory and got to look through the telescopes at the Moon, Mars, and various constellations of star.  After breaking camp on Sunday morning, several of the adults and Scouts went out to 40-Acre lake to try to spot some alligators.

for the annual Bayshore District Cub Scout Fishing Tournament.  Once again our Scouts had strong performance won many of the awards:  Tigers 1st-place biggest fish - Kevin;  Tigers 3rd-place biggest fish Keaton;  Wolf 3rd-place smallest fish - Nathan;  Webelos I 1st-place smallest fish - Tyler;  Webelos II 2nd-place biggest fish Fabian.

Bayshore District Fishing Tournament at Sylvan Beach, Sept 27th:  Approximately 20 Scouts, siblings, and family members came out for the annual Bayshore District Cub Scout Fishing Tournament.  Once again our Scouts had strong performance won many of the awards:  Tigers 1st-place biggest fish - Kevin;  Tigers 3rd-place biggest fish Keaton;  Wolf 3rd-place smallest fish - Nathan;  Webelos I 1st-place smallest fish - Tyler;  Webelos II 2nd-place biggest fish Fabian.

Scout Day with the Astros, Sept 21st:  Approximately 20 Scouts, siblings, and family members came out for annual Scout Day with the Astros at Minutemaid Park.  The Scouts watched the Astros defeat the Mariners from the Bullpen Box seats.  During the game everyone got free ice cream and peanuts courtesy of the Astros.Following the game some of the Scouts got baseballs and autographs from players in the Bullpen.  They finished off the day by running the bases post-game.

Fun Day and Camping at Pine Gully Park, Sept 20th Approximately 50 Scouts, siblings, and family memberscame out to Pine Gully  Park the for annual Fishing Fun Day.  The Scouts had a great time with fishing on the pier and Playing games in the park.  Attendees had pizza prior to making smores.  The scouts performed a flag retirement ceremony a US and Texas flags and maintained the vigil.  Several families also camped overnight.

Seabrook Kid Fish at Pine Gully Park, Sept 20th Once again Adult Leaders from Pack 389 provided support to the City of Seabrook Kid Fish.  Our leaders helped the kids out on the pier with learning how to bait their hooks, cast their bait, and un-hook the fish.  In addition, about 10 of our Scouts came out to the tournament - withKeaton winning 1st place boys and Nathan winning 3rd place boys.  

Back to School Cook Out at McNair Park, August 23rd Approximately 50 Scouts, siblings, and family members came out to McNair Parkthe for annual Back to School Cook Out.  The Scouts had a great time with Water Guns, Water Balloons, and Capture the Flag - in line with Leave No Trace they picked up all the balloons after they were done.  While the Scouts were having fun . . . the adults were preparing another feast of Fajitas on the Grill will all the fixins.  Following dinner, we capped it off with Snow Cones for everyone.

Fun Day at Moody Gardens Palm Beach, August 16th Approximately 25 Scouts, siblings, and family members made the trip toMoody Gardens Palm Beach Water Park for the annual Fun Day.  The attendees enjoyed the water slides and the lazy river all afternoon - thanks to the discounted rate provided by Moody Gardens.  As always, the boys had a blast dumping water on the tubers on the lazy from the dump buckets on the bridge.

El Lago 4th of July Parade, July 4th Our Cub Scouts joined a number of Boy Scouts from T595 in leading the El Lago 4th of July Parade throughout the neighborhoods in El Lago.  The Scouts served as the color guard and were followed by Mayor of El Lago, Fire Trucks, Floats, and others.  Following the parade, there was a celebration in McNair Park.

Bayshore District Twilight Camp, June 16th - 20th Approximately 20 Scouts, siblings, and family members participated in the annual Bayshore District Twilight Camp.  The participants worked on fulfilling their rank requirements for the 2014-15 scouting year over the course of the five evenings.  In addition, everyone had the opportunity to shoot BB guns and Arrows at the shooting ranges, and earn lots of Sports Belt Loops at the sports fields.  Highlights included the 'egg drop' competition, as well as the Crew 514 Indian Dancers.

Fun Day and Camp Out at Splashway Water Park, May 31st to June 1st:  Despite the threat of rain, approximately a dozen Scouts, siblings, and family members made the trip out to Sheridan, TX for a Fun Day at Splashway Water Park and Camp Out at the water park's camp ground.  Everyone had a great time at water park - going down the various slides and cruising on the lazy river.   After the water park . . . we had another great dinner of Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Sausages, in addition to pico de gallo and gaucamole.  Following dinner, we had an awesome campfire where we told stories and made Smores.

Cook Out at McNair Park, May 18th:  Approximately 55 Scouts, siblings, and family members came out to McNair Park for our May Cook Out.  The Scouts had a great time with the playing baseball, throwing water balloons, and playing capture the flag.  This time we a nice dinner of Burgers, Hot Dogs, and Sausages with lots of great side dishes and deserts.  As always, the boys threw lots of water balloons at each other and their leaders.

Seabrook Scout Day at Miramar Park, April 26th:  Approximately 60 Scouts, siblings, and family members came out to Miramar Park for our Seabrook Scout Day and Advancement Picnic.  The Scouts had a great time with the Water Rockets, Water Balloons, and Capture the Flag activities.  In addition, one of our leaders led a short Nature Hike where the boys identified local wildlife including a group of deer.  Everyone was treated to Snow Cones before and after our dinner of Fajitas and Tacos with all the trimmings.  Following dinner the Scouts received their Rank Advancements for the year . . . and played more Capture the Flag.

Scout Fair at Reliant Arena, April 12th:  For the 4th consecutive year, our unit participated in the Sam Houston Area Council Scout Fairat Reliant Arena.  This year, we once again brought out the mobile Slingshot Range.  Just like last time  . . . we had a crowd of Scouts at our activity area throughout the entire day.  In addition, the 20+ Scouts and Family Members who came out to help with the booth, had to the opportunity to explore the various activities at the Scout Fair.  These included games, outdoor and conservation displays, dutch oven cooking, and all other things scout-related.

Fishing and Camping at Pine Gully Park, March 29th:  Following another successful Trash Bash, group of 40+ Scouts and Family Members enjoyed Fishing at the Pier and a Cook Out at Pine Gully Park. The Scouts earned their Fishing Belt Loops and spent a lot time enjoying the park.  In the evening, we performed a Flag Retirement Ceremony and set up a separate camp fire to make Smores. In addition, ~20 participants camped out that evening.  A good time was had by all.

Seabrook Trash Bash, March 29th:  A group of 20+ Scouts and Family Members participated in the Seabrook Trash Bash Conservation Event in and around Seabrook.  The participants did their Good Turn by picking up trash in parks, along trails, and around the various waterways.  As we've done for the last few years we focused on picking trash and debris in Miramar and Meador Parks, as well as the trail near the Seabrook Library.  After we finished we attended the cookout at the Seabrook Community House, where the Rotary Club provided hot dogs and the organizers conducted prize drawings.

Scout Adventure Camp, March 7th - 9th:  A group of 15 Scouts and Family Members traveled to Bovay Scout Ranch in Navasota for Spring Break Adventure Camp.  The Scouts participated in Shooting Sports (BB guns and Archery), Nature Activities (Dino Dig), Crafts, and BMX Bikes during the camp program.  In addition to the organized activities, the Scouts also went on a Snipe Hunt and learn about the principles of Leave No Trace.  On Saturday evening they braved the thunderstorms - but were still able to have Smores at the Camp Fire before the rain hit.  Overall, it was a great adventure!!!

Derby Day, Feb 22nd:  The Pack conducted a Derby Day consisting of Pinewood Derby and Raingutter Regatta at the Seabrook Community House - approximately 75 Scouts and family members attended this event.  The day started with check-in and modifications to the cars and then moved on to the Regatta.  At the regatta, all Scout Ranks and siblings had an opportunity to race their Trimarans.  After this we moved inside for the main event - the Pinewood Derby.  The field was divided by ranks and included races by siblings and the Leader's Outlaw Race.  After a short lunch break for Pizza from Marios . . . the Pack Championship began, pitting the top-3 racers from each divisions against each other.  When all was said and done . . . the outcome was 1st Place - Gavin (Bear);  2nd Place - Doug (Wolf);  3rd Place - Sam (Webelos I).  We'll continue this with the 'Crash Derby' in late March / early April.

Pinewood Derby Workshop, Feb 13th:  To help the Scouts get ready for the Pinewood Derby, we held our third Derby Workshop of the season at this month's Pack Meeting.  During this time Adult Leaders cuts and drilled cars, while the Scouts worked on designs and sanding.  In addition, the Scouts received their Fall Fundraising Prizes.  In addition, to the standard Council Prizes, the Pack Prizes included Survival Whistles, Multi-Tools, and Swedish Fire Brand Mess Kits.

Overnight of the USS Lexington, Feb 8th and 9th:  We had 25 Scouts and Family Members for this year's Overnight on the USS Lexington in Corpus Christi.   The Scouts had the opportunity to live aboard the Blue Ghost and explore throughout the ship. They participated in the Scavenger Hunt and Ghost Stories, and the IMAX Movie. In addition, many of the Scouts spent time at the Texas State Aquarium next to the Lex.

Monster Jam, Feb 1st:  After a full-day of providing service to the community  . . .  Over 50 Scouts and Family members attended the Monster Jam Pit Party and Show at Reliant Stadium.  The Scouts thrilled this spectacular show where they saw Monster Truck races, Quad Races, and Free-Style jumps and car-crushing.  When all was said and done Bounty Hunter had emerged victorious in the Races and everyone's favorite Grave Digger had won the Free Style Championship.  Prior to the Show the Scouts participated in the Pit Party where they got to meet the drivers and see the truck up close.

Scouting for Food, Feb 1st:  For the 4th Consecutive Year, Scouts from Pack 389 were out helping the community via the Scouting for Food Service Project.  This year the Scout collected ~550 pounds of food in  El Lago and Seabrook and donated it to the Food Pantry at St. Paul's Catholic Church.  

Souper Bowl of Caring at Kroger, Jan 26th: Fitfteen Scouts, Siblings, and Parents participated in the Souper Bowl of Caring at the Kroger in Seabrook.  Over a three hour period the Scouts helped needy families in Seabrook by collecting 120+ Donation Bags of Food.  This equates to over 1000 pounds of food!!!  The Scouts will continue on Saturday, Feb 1st with the Scouting for Food Drive.

Scouting for Food, Jan 25th: Once again Pack 389 is helping the community via the Scouting for  Food Service Project.  For the fourth consecutive year, the Scouts place door hangers in El Lago and Seabrook for this event.  The Scouts will collect and distribute the donated food to local food pantries on Saturday, Feb 1st.

Benchwarmers with the Houston Rockets, Jan 18th: Once again Pack 389 attended the Rockets Game and participated in the Houston Rocket Benchwarmers Fan Experience.  Approximately 35 Scouts and Family Members watched the Rocket beat the Milwaukee Bucks and Forward Terence Jones have a career game.  Prior to the game the Scouts had the opportunity to sit on the Rockets Bench during Pre-Game Warm Ups.  A number of the Scouts met and had their picture taken with NBA Hall of Famer Clyde Drexler.  In addition, Scouts talked to past and present Rockets Matt Bullard, Aaron Brooks, and Donatus Montejunas.

Fitness and Nutrition Meeting, Jan 16th: The theme for the January Pack Meeting was Fitness and Nutrition.  Approximately 60 Scouts and Family Members enjoyed healthy snacks of fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit-yogurt parfaits while they learned about nutrition. The Scouts earned the Nutrition Belt Loop while playing Food Pyramid Go-Fish and making poster about good eating habits.  In addition, the Scouts were introduced to the Scout Strong Program - which is part of the Presidential Fitness Challenge.

Pack Christmas Party, Dec 4th:  Approximately 60 Scouts and Family Members attended the annual Pack Christmas Party at the Seabrook Community House.  The Scouts enjoyed a visit from Santa - which included pictures and gifts.  In addition, the Scouts madeLeather Christmas Tree Ornaments, Snowflakes, and prepared Christmas Cards for US Troops.  

Collecting Belt Loop Pack Meeting, Nov 14th:  The theme for the November Pack meeting was Collecting.  In line with this, the Scouts who have been participating in the Fall fundraiser were presented with trading cards for their weekly prizes.  In addition, the Scouts brought out examples of their collections - these includes rocks, trading cards, lego figures, trains, patches and even a set of swords!

Houston Gem and Mineral Show, Nov 10th:  Approximately 20 Scouts and Family members attended the annual Houston Gem and Mineral Society show.  All scouts were able to work on their Geology Belt Loop and Pin, while five Webelos were able to earn theirGeologist Activity Badge.  At the Show, the scouts were able to participate in many activities where they learned about minerals, rocks, and fossils; they also learned about energy and careers in geology.

Native American Weekend, Nov 8th - 10th:  Approximately 20 Scouts and Family members participated in Native American Weekend at Karankawa in Sweeney, TX - this is an annual event put on by the Bay Area Council where Cub Scouts learn about Native American Culture and participate in outdoor activities.  The activities included shooting sports (archery, BB guns, and sling shots), crafts, canoes and paddle boats, cooking, tomahawk throwing demonstrations, and Indian lore. On Saturday evening, many of the participants attended a Council Fire where Order of the Arrow members demonstrated Native American Dances.  

Bobcat Ceremony and Camp Out, Nov 2nd:  Approximately 60 Scouts and Family members came out to Pine Gully Park for a cook out prior the Bobcat Ceremony and Flag Retirement Ceremony.  During the Bobcat Ceremony we welcomed 13 new Scouts who have fulfilled the requirement for the Bobcat Badge to our Unit.  As is our tradition we also retire several US Flags in a respectful manner in order to teach the boys about Citizenship.  Following the ceremonies the boys make Smores over a separate propane fire, while they maintained a vigil over the Fire Bowl where the flags were retired.  In addition, approximately 20 Scouts and Family members camped out in the awesome Fall weather.

Ed White Elementary Fall Festival, Oct 26th:  Our Pack once again provided the Snow Cones at the Ed White Fall Festival, as part of the PTA Fundraiser.  We provided somewhere between 150 and 180  Snow Cones for the PTA over a 4-hour period as our contribution to our Partner School.  Thanks to many adult leaders and Scouts who helped out with the booth - prior to using the last block of ice at 2:55 PM, we never had less than 5 people in our line.  Overall, we make 100 pounds of snow cones.

Fun with Son Event at Camp Strake, Oct 19th:  Approximately 10 new Scouts and family members went out to Camp Strake for the Sam Houston Council Annual Fun With Son Camping Experience.  This event is intended as a first camping experience for many of the new and younger Scouts.  The Scouts participated in lots of great activities such as BB guns, Archery, Air Rockets, and Crafts - just to name a few.  In addition, they camped out and got to experience a large campfire as part of the Camp.  Adult leaders from our unit helped out with the BB gun range on Saturday.

Habitat Day at Ed White Elementary, Oct 12th: About a dozen Scouts and family members came out to Ed White Elementary to work on the Habitat behind the school. The Scouts focused on cutting down bushes that had become overgrown, trail maintenance, and cleaning out the pond.  All the scouts who participated will receive a Patch at the November Pack Meeting.  Great work to Aidian, Dakoda, Damian, Logan, and Sam.

Astronomy Pack Meeting, Oct 10th:  We continued the theme of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) with the October program, which featured the Astronomy Belt Loop.  During the Pack Meeting the Scouts worked on this Belt Loop by learning how tofocus binoculars and a telescope to look at the stars.  In addition, they played games that taught them Astronomy terms and learned about the solar system. 

Flag Ceremony at the Dynamo Game, Oct 4th:  Approximately 20 Scouts and family members came out to the Dynamo Game.  Prior to the start of the game the Scouts spend time at the Orange Avenue Rally.  At the start of the game four Scout presented the US and Texas Flags on the field as the official Color Guard during the national anthem

Bayshore District Fishing Tournament, Sept 28th:  Approximately 20 Scouts and family members came out the Cub Scout Fishing Tournament  at Seabreeze Park in La Porte.  The Scouts had a great time fishing and Fabian defended his title for Smallest Fish - 2nd year in a row.  While not every Scout caught a fish, all received an event patch and earned the Cub Scout Fishing Belt Loop.

Pack Meeting, Sept 19th:  We had our first Pack Meeting of the School Year at the Seabrook Community House.  The theme was Paper Airplanes in support of the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) program.  The scouts had a great time seeing some of their buddies that they hadn't seen in several month and they made 8 different styles of paper airplanes.  They finished up the evening with an airplane distance contest from the porch of the Seabrook Community House.

Seabrook Kid Fish, Sept 14th:  Approximately 15 Scouts and family members came out the Seabrook Kid Fish at Pine Gully Park - this is the first time this event has been help since the hurricane in 2008; P389 adult volunteer assisted with registration of participants.  Although none of Scouts placed in the top 3 for longest fish, most won Door Prizes.  In addition, Sam was the first participant 'on the board' with an 8" croaker and Fabian caught 9 fish - which would have won 'most fish' if the tournament had that category.  

Camp Out at Pine Gully Park, Sept 7th:  Despite the weather, approximately 35 Scouts and Family members came out to Pine Gully Park for fun evening and afternoon.  Some of the Scouts fished on the pier, while all spent a lot of time playing on the new natural playground at the Park.  The Scouts enjoyed pizza in the evening prior to conducting a Flag Retirement Ceremony.  Following the flag retirement, the scouts lit a separate fire for Smores.  About 15 people camped out in the park.

Back to School Cook Out, August 24th:  Approximately 50 Scouts, Siblings, and Parents came out to McNair Park for an afternoon Cook Out.  The Scouts had a blast while launching water rockets, slinging water balloons, shooting the water balloon launcher, and spraying each other with their water guns.  Our awesome leaders prepare Hot Dogs and Hamburgers with all the trimmings and great guacamole and pico de gallo.

Moody Gardens Palm Beach, August 3rd:  Approximately 35 Scouts, Siblings, and Parents came out for a Fun Day at Moody Gardens Palm Beach Water Park.  The Scouts enjoyed the various water slides and the lazy river . . . they particularly liked water bombing tubers on the lazy river from the bridge.  Later in the evening everyone enjoyed the Band on the Sand concert.

Webelos Extreme Adventure Camp, July 21-24th:  Several Webelos Scouts attended the Webelos Extreme Adventure Camp at the Lost Pines Scout Reservation in Bastrop.  The Scout in attendance earned on various Webelos Activity Badges while also having the opportunity to participate in Boy Scout Activities such as Canoeing and Kayaking, Climbing Wall, First Aid, and Geocaching - just to name a few.

Seabrook Independence Day Celebration, July 4th:  Once again, at the request of the City of Seabrook, out Cub Scout led the Kids Parade and our Unit provided Water Balloons for the Independence Day Celebration.  Our Unit provide 8 coolers of water balloons, as well as the launchers and personnel, to launch water balloons at ‘targets of opportunity’ – like the Seabrook Fire Trucks.  In addition, the all in attendance participated in face painting, bounce houses, and other games. 

Bayshore District Twilight Camp, June 17th to 21st:  Approximately 30 Scouts, Siblings, and Adults in the Annual Bayshore Twilight Camp at the Pasadena Fairgrounds.   Scouts and siblings in attendance were able to practice shooting sports (Archery and BB Guns), earn Sports Belt Loops, and work on Crafts and Skills as part of their rank advancements for the 2013-14 year.  In addition, they were able to participate in the Egg Drop Competition, which finished up with the firemen dropping water melons from the top of the ladder truck.