Ahoy, Matey!
Raingutter Regatta Boat Race
Pack Event | Oak Canyon Community Park | December 13th
UPDATE 12/7/2014: The race has been postponed until sometime next year

UPDATE 12/1/2014: The single hull kit ceased production a while ago and is no longer obtainable either online or at the Camarillo BSA Store - the guidelines have been updated to reflect the need to use the Trimaran kit.
Introduction to the Raingutter Regatta
  • The Raingutter Regatta is a boat race that is designed to be a parent-son project. Please feel free to give guidance and minimal assistance to your Scout as he builds his Raingutter Regatta boat, appropriate to his age. This is a chance for your son to be part of a team (he and you), and to enjoy the spirit of friendly competition with his peers. These “Official Raingutter Regatta Rules” are written to help you keep it simple and fun for your child, and to know what to expect when it comes time to race your boat. 
Cost of Entry
  • Participation fee is $5 per Scout payable by check to Pack 3789 or via PayPal.
    • Checks may be sent to Kris Schnell c/o Cogent Independent Advisors, 199 W. Hillcrest Dr., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360.

  • Purchase the Official BSA Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kit ($5.49 each, get them at the Scout Store in Camarillo).  
General Information about this Event
  • December 13th @ 3pm
  • Will take place in the amphitheater
  • Oak Canyon Community Park, Oak Park
  • Sign-up now!
  • Boats must be made from the official BSA Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Boat Kit. All parts (2 outriggers, polymer hull, mast, sail and 4 screws) provided in the kit must be used in the boat construction. (NO substitutions are allowed!)
  • Outriggers/Hull: The Outriggers must be no longer than 7" or shorter than 6 ½". The finished boat must be 3-1/4" wide, which is the dimension of the molded hull. 
  • The outriggers must be solid and not split into multiple parts and must be evenly placed. The outriggers should be cut on the leading edge as shown in the enclosed instructions. 
  • One may not be placed ahead of the other. The mast may not be higher than 7” from the deck, nor shorter than 6” from the deck. 
  • Basically, the Trimaran Boat should look like a Trimaran Boat displayed on the box. The boat requires no keel or rudder and none may be added. 
  • Sail: Must use the sail provided in the kit. It may be trimmed, but cannot be enlarged or added to, but may be decorated. The sail may only be attached to the mast by glue (this is highly recommended), no mechanical fasteners will be allowed and the sail may not be in contact with any part of the boat except the mast. 
  • The mast hole is molded into the top of the plastic hull and is the only placement allowed for the mast. No deviations will be allowed and no modifications to the hole are allowed. The mast MUST BE perpendicular (90 degrees) to the hull, angling the mast in any direction is not allowed. 
  • Decorations may not be placed in such a manner as to change the boat dimensions as listed above. It is HIGHLY recommended that the boat be painted or at the very least seal the outriggers to prevent them from retaining water. 
  • Once the race begins, the boat may not be altered, including applying any materials to the bottom of the boat.

   Race Day Rules:

  • If a boat capsizes or becomes stuck, the participant may only correct the issue by blowing (they cannot touch the boat unless instructed by the race official).

  • Once the race is started, the boat may not be touched, unless instructed by the race official.

  • The first boat to impact the end of the Raingutter with its nose will be considered the winner of that heat. The finish line official will have the final and ONLY say in determining the winner of that heat. If the fish line official determines the race to have finished in a tie, that heat will be immediately re-run.

  • If a boat becomes damaged, and upon the officials permission, the Scout may be allotted a short span of time to make (reasonable) repair to the boat before the next race. Time will be determined by the race official ONLY.

  • Ungentlemanly or Un-Sportsman like conduct WILL NOT be tolerated from any participant or SPECTATOR and will be grounds for expulsion from the competition and/or race area.

  • All decisions by race officials are FINAL. Remember this is a friendly sporting competition.
Parent Action Items
  • Sign up on Signup Genius
  • Pay participation fee via PayPal or send check.
  • Buy your boat @ the Scout Store.
  • Show up on 12/13 at 3pm!