Rules & Boat Specifications

Rules/ Boat Specifications:

Hull: No longer than 7" or shorter than 6 1/2" Mast: 6 1/2" from deck to top

Keel: Supplied in kit Rudder:

Supplied in kit

Sail:Supplied in kit

1. Boats must be made from the BSA Raingutter Regatta kits. However the materials supplied in the kit can be modified and added to somewhat. The hull, mast and sail provided in in the kit must be used, however, they can be modified. The hull cannot be shortened. Sails cannot be altered, but, they can be decorated.

2. Boys, when called to race, they hold the straw in their mouths with the one hand and get ready to blow on the word "GO" from the judges- other hand down behind their backs.

3. When racing boys are allowed to "upright" their boats with their hands, but, cannot push the boats forward when doing so. This will be a big temptation for the boys to do and it seems they need to be reminded over and over not to do it, especially the young Tigers. We will give one warning and run the particular race over if one boy pushes his boat ahead AND that boat wins. We will have to eliminate a boy from racing if he pushes his boat on the restart of a race. We don't want to eliminate a boy from racing.