Decorating Tips

Decorating Tips:


2. An area to show off your decorations is on the sail. This is an excellent place for decals and stickers...boys love both. The sail provided in the BSA kit has a glossy side and a dull side. The dull side can be lightly spay painted to compliment the color of the boat. Use caution when painting a sail, too much paint will just peel and crack when the sail is placed on the mast.

3. Flags: A small flag can be made with a staight pin mast and attached to the deck or even on top of the mast. This ia a cool decorating idea. The American, or your State flag are some ideas...or, just a wild colored one.

4. Crew: Small figures such as "Mighty Max" tm(Mattel Toys) make excellent decorating ideas and can be glued to the deck of the boat.

5. Glitter instead of paint.