Volunteer Positions

To have a successful Cub Scout program, we encourage our parents to volunteer for one of the following positions. Some of the positions require only a few hours a season while others require many hours each month. If you are interested in any of these open positions, please contact the Committee Chair or the Cubmaster. Please keep in mind without the time put in by these positions, we cannot have a quality program for our scouts.

Committee Chair

  • Supervise pack committee operation by calling and presiding at pack leaders' meetings. Assigning duties to committee members. Planning for pack charter review, roundup, and re-registration. Approving bills before payment by the pack treasurer.
  • Maintain adequate pack records and take care of pack property.
  • If the Cubmaster is unable to serve, assume active direction of the pack until a successor is recruited and registered.
  • Provide a training program for adult family members.
  • Appoint a committee member or other registered adult to be responsible for Youth Protection training.
  • Help bring families together at joint activities for Webelos dens (or packs) and Boy Scout troops. Support the policies of the BSA.


  • Conducts a pack program according to the policies of the BSA.
  • Plans and helps carry out the Cub Scout program in the pack. This includes leading the monthly pack meeting, with the help of other leaders.
  • Works directly with the Tiger Cub den leaders, Cub Scout den leaders, Webelos den leaders, den chiefs, and pack committee chair and members to make sure that all dens are functioning well.
  • In general, the Cubmaster (sometimes referred to as the unit leader) is the guiding hand behind the work of other pack leaders and serves as program adviser to the pack committee. He or she is a recruiter, supervisor, director, planner, and motivator of other leaders.

Asst. Cubmaster

  • Help the Cubmaster as needed. Be ready to fill in for the Cubmaster, if necessary.
  • Conduct the monthly den chief planning meeting for all den leaders, assistant den leaders, and den chiefs to plan and coordinate weekly den meetings and pack meeting participation.
  • Supervise den chiefs and see that they are trained.
  • Support the policies of the BSA.

Committee Members

  • Coordinate the pack's program and the chartered organization's program through the chartered organization representative.
  • Help stimulate the interest of adult family members through proper programming.
  • Ensure that all Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts receive a year-round, quality program.
  • Complete pack committee Fast Start Training and Basic Leader Training for the position.
  • Attend pack committee meetings, vote on decisions made by the committee, and help promote a strong unit for the cub scouts.

Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders

  • Den Leaders are the adults responsible for planning and implementation of den meetings and outings, tracking advancements of the boys within the den, and assisting the boy/parent team in achieving Scout rank requirements.
  • The Den Leader may recruit one or more Assistant Den Leaders and divide responsibilities among them.
  • Highly motivated, well-trained Den Leaders are the key to a successful Scouting program.
  • Den Leaders must be appropriately trained for their position as a condition of appointment and continued assignment.

Den Chiefs

  • The Den Chief is a Boy Scout from a local troop who has attained the rank of First Class.
  • The Den Chief is a trained leader who assists a Den Leader in the running of a Den.
  • It is the Den Chief's duty to assist the Cub Scouts in their den with the projects and activities of the Den.
  • His duty also is to encourage, guide and protect them in all den and pack activities; and to show them by their example what a Boy Scout is.
  • Webelos Den Chiefs also will work to interest the Webelos Scouts in becoming Boy Scouts. Den Chiefs must be trained as a condition of their appointment.


  • Help the pack committee and Cubmaster establish a sound financial program for the pack with a pack budget plan.
  • Open or maintain a bank account in the pack's name and arrange for all transactions to be signed by any two of the Cubmaster, pack committee chair, secretary, or treasurer.
  • Approve all budget expenditures. Check all disbursements against budget allowances, and pay bills by check. The pack committee chair should approve bills before payment.
  • Periodically report on the pack's financial condition at the monthly pack leaders' meeting. Make regular monthly reports to the pack committee at the pack leaders' meeting, and report to the chartered organization as often as desirable on the financial condition of the pack.
  • Guide the pack in conducting council-approved pack money-earning projects. Work with the Popcorn Chairperson in keeping Scout accounts.