Popcorn Fundraising

Popcorn sales are very important for the Pack because it gives the scouts the opportunity to participate in more activities and the costs will be offset from Popcorn sales. In addition, the scouts will accomplish their communicator skills requirement and have fun being a salesperson too.

Popcorn Show and Sell event dates:
At the Popcorn Show and Sell event, our Pack sells popcorn to the public. Each scout will work a shift wearing their Class "A" uniform. We encourage our scouts to participate one or more shifts because we do not have enough scouts to cover all shifts. 
Personal Popcorn Sale Orders:

Please make sure you have the following information so we can process the popcorn sales orders in a timely manner.

  1. Popcorn sales order sheets filled out. Note: If a scout fills up their order sheet, they will get a gift and a patch too!
  2. Verify the sales order quantities and currency received.
  3. Verify the all personal checks are written out to "BSA Pack 3642".
  4. Make your selection from the prize level sheet that is appropriate for the total amount of your sales.
Personal Popcorn Sale Orders Distribution:
The Popcorn Chairperson will send out a email message to the Pack letting them know where to pickup the Personal Popcorn sales orders.

Pack Popcorn Money:
The Pack needs to submit the final check to the Scout Office.

Scout Office Commission Check Distribution:
The Scout Office will send out the commission check to the Pack.