Pinewood Derby

                                                                    Official Pinewood Derby Rules
                                                                  Official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Kits Only, Official Size Requirements, Official Maximum Weight, Use of Accessories Details:


Overall width of the car, including wheels, shall not exceed two and ¾ inches (2.75").


Overall car length may not exceed seven inches (7.00"). The kits often supply wood planks longer than 7 inches. The front point of the car must be at least 1/2 inch wide so it fits on the starting gate.


Overall car height may not exceed three inches (3.00"). Bottom clearance between the car and track must be 3/8 ".


Total weight of the car shall not exceed five ounces (5.000 oz.). All weights and accessories must be stationary and firmly attached to the car.


Only official Grand Prix racing wheels provided in any of the BSA Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kits are allowed. Wheels may not be altered (rounded, narrowed etc.) except for the removal of burrs. Wheels may not be lathe-turned, thinned, sawed, perforated or machined in any way, nor shall any thing be attached to them. Outside wheel diameter should be no less than 1.180". Ready-made modified wheels are not allowed. All 4 wheels must touch the ground when the car is sitting flat on a table.


Only metal "nail" type axles provided in BSA Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kits are allowed. Axle diameters may not be changed more than what is necessary to smooth their surface. In other words, we don’t want to see pin size axles. Axles may be lubricated, but the use of wheel bearings, washers or bushings is strictly prohibited.


Any dry lubricant such as
graphite is allowed. Oils and other wet lubricants are not permitted.


The car shall not ride on any type of spring or other suspension.


The car must be free wheeling (gravity propelled only) and must not contain any type of auxiliary propulsion or starting device. (No jets, rubber bands, magnets, adhesives, springs, motors, CO cartridge tubes etc.).


Decorative details may be added, provided they do not exceed the maximum weight limit OR extend beyond the permitted dimensions for the car.


The car may be hollowed out and built up to the maximum weight by the addition of wood or metal. However, any additional materials must be securely built into the body or chassis. No loose materials of any kind are permitted.


Cars must be built using any of the
BSA Grand Prix Derby Car Series Kits purchased within the past year. Prefab cars are not allowed. Additional metal must be used only for weight addition. No portion of other kits will be allowed except for decorative purposes. Structural strength is gained only from the wood body. No metal frames or metal axle support is permitted. Each car will be weighed and inspected by the official inspection team before it competes. Cars with wet paint will be rejected. Once a car is officially checked in, no further adjustments or work may be performed on it except for applying dry lubricant to the wheels.
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