Pinewood Derby 2017 Rules

Post date: Jan 10, 2017 2:17:41 AM

Pack 329 Parents,

From the desk of our Cub Master:

As not everyone in the Pack has picked up a car kit, not everyone has gotten an updated copy of the rules. Below is a full copy. Please read them as new rules have been added from last year.


Cub Scout Pack 329

Pinewood Derby Rules

It is the responsibility of all entrants to read and understand these rules.

Building a Pinewood Derby entry is a joint Cub Scout-adult project. Parents should feel free to HELP with the cars, but to keep in mind that they are each Scout’s project.

These rules incorporate the Matinecock District rules. In some cases our rules are more stringent. According to Suffolk County Council, as a Pack we ARE allowed to modify or add rules as we see fit providing the rules are not LESS STRICT than the District rules. This ensures that the winning Pack cars that go on to District are automatically in compliance.

These rules have been developed to make it fairer for ALL Scouts to compete. They are a result of Scouts not entering in previous years because they felt they didn’t have a chance. Pack 329 Leadership would like 100% participation. Every Scout should enter a car that they physically worked on and have pride in. Everyone should feel they have an equal opportunity to be competitive.

The Pack 329 Pinewood Derby Committee has done extensive research on pre-assembled cars. We know every single local and web retailer selling competitive race ready vehicles including having images of their designs. The Pinewood Derby Committee reserves the right to refuse or disqualify cars they suspect of being professionally built by said retailers.

All cars entered must be newly built after November 1, of the current Scouting year using the materials in the Official Pinewood Derby Racing Car Kit (part# 17006).

All kits have been examined for the correct amount of parts.

All wood bodies have been stamped with an ink stamp denoting the applicable year and Pack 329. Should an entrant choose to purchase an official Pre-Cut kit, the kit must be submitted PRIOR to opening it so that the body may be stamped.

The BOTTOMS of all cars MUST REMAIN UNPAINTED AND THE OFFICIAL STAMP KEPT VISIBLE, otherwise the cars will be disqualified.

If the entrant wishes to purchase additional wheels or axles they may do so providing they are the Official Wheel/Axle Kit (part# 17553, #17554, #17555, # 17556, #17557).

The maximum length of the car shall not exceed 7 inches.

The maximum width (including wheels and axles) shall not exceed 2-3/4 inches.

The minimum width between the inside surfaces of the wheels shall be 1-3/4 inches so that the car will clear the center guide strip.

The maximum height shall not exceed 3 1/2 inches.

All cars will be weighed in and inspected on the determined dates before the race. The maximum weight is five (5) ounces. Any car over this weight will not be accepted. (5 ounces is equal to 141.7 Grams on a digital scale.)

The minimum clearance between the bottom of the car and the track shall be at least 3/8-inch so that the car can clear the center guide strip.

Items such as steering wheels, model drivers, spoilers, decals, painting and other details are allowed as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, height and weight specifications. Washers and coins are permitted as weights as long as they are not loose. Purchased weights are permitted, providing they do not alter the underside tolerances. All items must be permanently affixed to the cars. Loose materials of any kind are not permitted on the car including any type of material being used for weight.

The car or any part of the car may not extend beyond the starting pin. Pin height is 1-1/4 inches.

The Scout’s name must be permanently displayed on the bottom of the car (Sharpie).


• Wheel diameter cannot be reduced past the ridge (rippled) edge. The ridge (rippled) edge must remain intact on the entire wheel.

• Beveling, tapering, grooving or reducing the tread width of the wheels is strictly prohibited.

• Wheel treads may not be rounded, tapered, grooved, shaped or positioned at any angle. Wheel treads must run flat against the track surface.

• Wheel bearings, washers or bushings are also prohibited. The front outside wheel sidewalls & face must remain intact. All wheels must have the “BSA” “Pinewood Derby” logos showing and completely intact on the sidewall. The picture of the wheel above is what the judges will expect to see on the cars (in any of 5 BSA official colors black, red, orange, yellow or blue). Wheel or hub covers are also prohibited.

• Cars with wheels that have all 4 matching mold numbers are prohibited. At least 1 Wheel must have a different mold number. All BSA Mold numbers/markings must be seen.


• You may only use axles supplied in the original car kit (part# 17006), or the Official Wheel/Axle Kit (part# 17553, #17554, #17555, # 17556, #17557).

• Axles may not be angled in the car body slots/holes that would cause the wheel not to run flat to the surface of the track.

• Axles may not be modified to the point that breakage could occur during the race.

• The axle head diameter may not be reduced.


• No part of the car, including wheels, may extend past the front of the car body.

• The body of the car, the wheels, or any attachment, must not extend beyond the starting gate (pin). The front of the car must meet the starting pin.

All 4 wheels must touch the track at all times, to test for compliance… put the car on a level table. If all wheels do not touch then the car needs to be adjusted before bringing it to weigh in.

• The car must be freewheeling with no starting device or other propulsion.

• The wheelbase may not be changed. Wheels front to back must be the same length as grooves provided. (11cm or 4 5/16 inch)


• Use only a graphite (dry) lubricant. Wet lubricants such as oils, silicones or waxes are prohibited. Graphite is NOT to be applied to the tread areas of the wheels.

Examples of modifications that ARE allowed

• Sanding the imperfections out of the track surface of the wheels. Be careful not to reduce the wheel diameter or round the tread face. The tread must remain flat.

• Removing the pinch marks and mold ridges on the axles by sanding and polishing the axles.

• Straightening axles if bent.

• Use of the 5 different BSA official colored wheels Red, Yellow, Black, Orange or Blue.

(Purchased from BSA Official Source) Official Wheel/Axle Kit part# 17553, #17554, #17555, # 17556, #17557.

*** Note: Every attempt should be made to attend the first Pack 329 weigh in on January 25th because if there is an issue with your car, you will have 24 hours to remedy the situation. Do not wait until last minute because no cars will be accepted after January 26th, whether or not you came to the weigh in.

Weigh-ins will be conducted at Burr the evenings of January 25th and 26th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.***

These Rules are FINAL. Any deviation will result in immediate disqualification.