Welcome to this Tiger Den

Den Number 3

First Grade  (6-7 Yrs)

Den Leader
Vinny Fehring

Our Goals  
Is to a family, home, and community centered program that encourages ethical decision-making skills.

The boys participate with their adult partners. The program emphasizes shared leadership, learning about the community, and family understanding.

Is your First Grader thinking about Scouts?  
Then you probably have some questions... 
Email our Den Leader at the link above and leave your phone number or go to this page and use our online form.  
A new Tiger Den will be forming soon so we'd love to hear from you about your interest. 
What is "this" Tigers are "Doing"... 
  • Webelos Woods 2013 is here!

    Posted Sep 12, 2014, 2:56 PM by Webeditor CSPack Spring TX
  • Work on "Fun With Family" (pg 88)
    With Advancement quickly approaching in May all Wolf Scouts should focus on completing the Fun with Family Section starting on page 88 of the handbook.  We will not have time to complete this section in the Den Meetings.

    Also, everyone seems to have the Belt Loop program under their belt.  But did you know... When your child receives his Wolf Badge in May he can start receiving "Arrow Points" that go onto his uniform?  You get Arrow Points by completing "Electives".  They are in the back of the Wolf Handbook.  Don't forget about electives!
    Posted Oct 7, 2013, 7:14 AM by Webeditor CSPack Spring TX
  • Wolf Leaders Needed
    We are in need of several parents to help with the Wolf Den.  Our immediate needs include two assistant Den Leaders and one Den Leader.  We had 10 second graders sign up on scout night and several active Wolves already.  We have no choice but to start a second den.

    We must have quality leaders to lead our boys.  If you are able to help contact us using the link to the left.

    A scouting program is only as good as our leaders.  Consider the options.  Then consider you have a son who needs your help.

    Posted Oct 7, 2013, 7:18 AM by Webeditor CSPack Spring TX
  • Wolf Den Meeting - Oct 3rd
    The next meeting for our Wolf Den will be 6:30 pm Thursday, October 3rd at Anderson Elementary.  This will be the first meeting for our new Wolf Cubs.  The meeting will be somewhat 'organizational' in nature because we count ? registered 2nd graders who are signed up and ready to start scouting.

    We've talked about having one Den Leader with several Assistant Den Leaders comprised of parents.  But that probably won't work because it is hard for ? families to all agree on meeting on the same day.  It's more likely that we will end up with TWO Wolf Dens - meeting on different nights.  This would require finding another Den Leader, getting them trained at myscouting.org, and then finding them some parents who are willing to assist with the programming.

    You have probably heard the phrase that, "this is a good problem to have"?  Well.  We have a good problem. Hopefully, when we review this months theme, Cooperation, we can get moving on a solution.

    We will see you October 3rd.  Until then, have fun with purpose!

    Posted Oct 7, 2013, 7:21 AM by Webeditor CSPack Spring TX
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What the entire Pack is "Doing" Together... 
  • It Has Arrived....... The November 2013 Newsletter(visit the [Documents Tab] for the full and downloadable version)
    Posted Nov 9, 2013, 9:57 PM by Webeditor CSPack Spring TX
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