Pinewood Derby
Pack 25’s annual Pinewood Derby will take place on a Friday and Saturday as scheduled on the Pack Calendar
Weigh-in will be Friday night with the Race on Saturday.  
•Friday – 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Inspection, weigh-in and impoundment of the cars.  
•Saturday - 9:30 AM Inspection & weigh-in of cars that failed inspection Friday night.  If your car does not come to weigh-in / inspection on Friday night it will not be allowed to compete.
•Saturday – 9:45 AM Judging of cars (Best Looking, Most Scout Like,  and Most Unique) 
•Saturday -  10:00 AM Race Begins
•Saturday – Immediately following the race, the timer will be removed and anyone wishing to have their picture taken with their car on the track or scout who wants to challenge their buddy to an unofficial race may do so.

Pack 25's Pinewood Derby Rules are available from the Documents page.