Pack Rules
General Pack Rules
The following are requirements by Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the Old North State Council or Pack 25:

1. Open toe shoes and flip-flops are not allowed for Cub Scouts or Leaders at any Cub Scout function including Den Meetings and Pack Nights.
2. Open toe shoes and flip-flops are not allowed for Cub Scouts, Leaders, adults or children at any scout camping trip, overnight trip, day trip, field trip and etc.
3. Parents must walk their son to his meeting room and pick him up from his meeting room.
4. A Scout cannot sleep in a tent with an adult that is not his legal parent or guardian.
5. Each Cub Scout participating in an offsite (away from our regular meeting place) activity must have a parent or guardian in attendance.
6. Use of tobacco by adults must be done in an area out of site from any youth.
7. Use of alcohol or controlled / illegal substances is prohibited at any scouting event. 
8. Heaters are not allowed in the tents.  
9. Each person involved with the Pack (Cub Scouts, siblings, parents, guardians, and any family member that may attend any scout event) must provide a current Health Form to be kept on file with the Pack.  Without the form on file you cannot participate in the Pack’s activities.
10. A “Family Permission Form” must be completed in full for each pack activity that occurs away from our Charter Organization.
11. Respect the Charter Organization’s property.  Remember it is God’s House.
12. No Running in the Building.
13. Class A Uniform, with shirts tucked in at all times, is to be worn to Pack Nights unless directed otherwise by either your Den Leader, Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster.
14. Class A or Class B Uniforms, with shirts tucked in at all times, are to be worn to Den Meetings unless directed otherwise by your den leader.
15. Respect others and their belongings.
16. Listen to your leaders.
17. Do not talk when others are talking.
18. Respect the Classrooms.  Do not play with or mess with items in the Classrooms and if the Classroom is rearranged to fit the needs of the Den Meeting, return the room to the original arrangement.  Remove any and all trash / debris generated by the Den Meeting and place in the proper waste receptacle.
19. Help your leaders clean up.
20. No roaming the building, stay with your den.
21. Leave bathrooms clean and tidy.
22. Report any issues with the facilities to the Cubmaster or Assistant Cubmaster.
23. Scouts need to leave electronics, phones, etc. at home for Den Meetings, Pack Nights, and any Outings.  Neither the Pack nor Archdale Friends Meeting will be responsible for lost, missing or damaged electronics, phones, etc.
24. Any Cub Scout carrying a pocket knife must have their whittling chip in their position.
25. No horseplay.
26. Do your Best.
27. Have Fun but not at the expense of others.

Policy for Knives

  1. Bears and Webelos must have your Whittling Chip on your person at all times you are carrying or using a knife during an approved Cub Scouting event .   If you do not have a Whittling Chip you cannot carry a knife. 
  2. Pack 25 provides a Knife Safety Class once a year for Bears and Webelos to earn their Whittling Chip.  We encourage all eligible Cub Scouts to participate in this safety class each year.  A parent is required to attend the safety class with each Scout.
  3. Scouts using a knife in an improper manner will have a corner of their Whittling Chip cut off.  With the loss of your second corner you lose your whittling chip and your right to carry and use a knife at any scout event.  You will have to re-earn your whittling chip before you can carry a knife to another scout event.   
  4. Tiger Cubs cannot carry or use a knife at any scouting event.
  5. Sheath knives are not allowed at any scouting event