Camping / Day Trips

The cost for Day Trips / Overnight Camping are excluded from the Annual Dues.  Payment for Day Trips / Overnight Camping will be due as published for particular event.  The money collected for these events is intended to cover the cost of the event.  If there is a surplus of money after the Pack pays all the expenses of an event, the extra money will be deposited in Pack 25’s General Fund to help when there is a deficit or unexpected Pack expense.  Anyone that signs up for an event and does not remove their name from the sign up list by the deadline will be responsible for the full cost, regardless of their attendance at the event since some expenses may be incurred before the event takes place.
Generally the cost per person for a Friday night – Sunday morning camping trip will be approximately as follows:
Campsite         $5.00 per person – Subject to change depending on location
Friday Supper          $2.00 per Person – Hot dogs & chips
Saturday Breakfast  $2.00 per Person – To be Determined
Saturday Lunch          $2.00 per Person – Sandwiches 
Saturday Supper  $4.00 per Person – To be Determined
Sunday Breakfast  $3.00 per Person – To be Determined

Maximum cost per person (assuming the above) $15.00 per person for anyone Cub Scout Age or older.  Siblings under Cub Scout Age will not be charged. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The above pricing is subject to change depending on cost of the campsite and / or camping fees. Any changes to the above pricing will be published prior to deadline for sign-up and payment.

Important Things to Remember when participating in Pack 25’s Day Trips / Overnight Trips:
1. Everyone is responsible for their own transportation to and from the event.
2. A Scout cannot sleep in a tent with an adult that is not his legal parent or guardian.
3. Each Cub Scout participating must have a parent or guardian in attendance.
4. Use of tobacco by adults must be done in an area out of site from any youth.
5. Use of alcohol or controlled / illegal substances is prohibited at any scouting event. 
6. Heaters are not allowed in the tents.  
7. Current BSA health form is required from all participants.
8. Complete permission form is required from each family.

Tent-Camping Basics 
1. Always use a ground cloth – tarp or plastic sheet.  This helps keep out ground moisture and helps hold heat in your tent.  Heat in a tent comes from your body heat.
2. Set up on as level a location as possible.  Avoid swells that will channel water under your tent.
3. Make sure that the edges of the ground cloth are completely tucked in under your tent.  If you can see it, rain water running off your tent will collect on top of the ground cloth and run between the ground cloth and tent floor.  This could allow water to wick up into your tent.
4. Sleeping bag – choose one rated for the temperatures during your camping trip.  A sleeping bag works by keeping your body heat in.  You can add a blanket inside your sleeping bag to increase the insulating value.  Also remember if you get into a sleeping bag fully dressed you will get cold.  You can put your clothes at foot of your sleeping bag so they will not be so cold the next morning.
5. Sleeping pad – When you lay down in your sleeping bag you compress the insulation on the bottom of your bag.  Use a foam sleeping pad under your bag to replace the lost insulation value.  If you use an air mattress or cot, remember that this lifts you off the ground and allows cold air to circulate under you.  In cold weather you sleep warmer on a foam pad on the ground.
6. Heaters of any kind are not allowed in tents for any Scout Camping.  
Necessities You Need to Bring Camping
1. Camping Gear:
o Tent – large enough to accommodate your family
o Sleeping bag – for each member in your family 
o Sleeping pad / air mattress – See Tent Camping Basics above
o Ground cloth (to go under your tent)
o Flashlight & extra batteries 
o Daypack with your personal first aid kit & whistle
o Water Bottle / Canteen– Pack 25 will provide drinking water (in 5 gallon portable coolers), you will need a container of some sort (water bottle works best) for your use
o Coffee / Hot Chocolate Cup – Pack 25 will provide instant coffee and instant hot chocolate that can be prepared as needed.   You will need a cup that can withstand the hot liquids if you want coffee or hot chocolate. 
o Rain Gear
o Bug Repellent
o Sun Screen
o Waterproof Boots or Footwear.
2. Clothing – Consider the length of the trip and the number of changes you and your Scout will need, then bring a couple extra changes just in case.
o Underwear
o Socks 
o Extra socks and more Extra Socks – walking / hiking in wet or sweaty socks can cause your feet to blister very quickly.
o Pants
o Shirts / T-Shirt
o Jacket / Coat / Sweater
o Sweat Shirt
o Hat / Cap
o Class A Uniform – to be worn to the Camp Site
o Class B Uniform
o Additional Seasonal Clothing as needed for your comfort
o Extra Shoes – No Open Toed Shoes
3. Miscellaneous Items
o Medicines
o Camera
o Watch
o Personal items – such as toiletries
o Chair for use around camp
o Towel
o Wash Cloth
1. The above list is not intended to be a complete list of everything you will need.
2. Only parents / adults should bring electronics / phones 
3. Coffee drinkers that do not like instant coffee should bring their own.  Remember the Pack does not own a coffee maker and we will not have electricity at most of our campsites.
4. Pack 25 has a trailer that is stocked with cooking equipment needed to prepare meals for the group.
5. A parent or legal guardian MUST accompany their child on camping trips.  This is for your child’s safety and well being.
6. Parents, you are allowed to have fun on these events.
7. Families are responsible for their drinks even @ mealtimes.
8. If you carry snacks with you, please keep them sealed in plastic or metal containers so we do not have a wildlife encounter.
9. If you or your son has any true food allergies, please bring it to a leader’s attention so it can be addressed.