Welcome Pack 201!

We meet at the First Presbyterian Church, 513 Birch St, usually on one Friday of the month.

All boys from kindergarten 5th grade are welcome to join us regardless of income, faith (or no faith), or family make up.  For information about our kindergarten - 5th Grade program, contact Cubmaster Bill Clark, at wclark372@optonline.net.

For information on Boy Scouts Troop 1 (6th through 12th Grades, Contract Scout Master Andy Cicala, at andy.cicala.outlook.com


Pack 201 will be hoisting an Open House on Saturday October 5, from 7:00-8:30 pm

 First Presbyterian Church, 513 Birch St,

All interested in joining scouts are welcome to stop in.

  • Ice cream Social
  • Learn about Cub scouts Program