Spring Camping Trip - Sandy Spring
Pack-Exclusive Event |  Sandy Spring Adventure Park
May 19/20, 2018

What is the Spring Camping Trip?
  • This is our big spring camping event.
  • It is a Pack-wide overnight event. The fun is too much to contain with just our scouts, so the whole family is encouraged to attend. Children as young as five can climb, with adult supervision.
  • It is held at the Sandy Spring Adventure Park, in Maryland.
  • Close by is a fascinating Underground Railroad hike. If enough boys can arrive early enough, we'd love to have a tour.
  • We set up camp in the afternoon, have a campfire dinner, then climb and zip line through the trees for a night climb.
  • This is definitely the "can't miss" event of the year.
Cost For Sandy Spring
  • In 2018, $50 per climber.  No charge to simply camp.
  • The Pack (via one of the leaders) must pay in advance, and we know from experience Sandy Spring does not offer refunds for last-minute cancellations. Unfortunately if you have to cancel at the last minute (no matter the reason) and cannot find a replacement climber, the Pack leader who made the reservation will still need to be paid.
  • Please pay via the PayPal link below as soon as possible!
General Information about this Camp
  • May 19 - May 20 (2 Days, 1 Night)
  • Registration is done all at once via Pack leadership. We will send an announcement and formal sign-up procedure as we get closer to the event.
  • Campers will arrive by late afternoon to set up their site before cooking dinner at the campfire.
  • Though camping and campfires are best with lots of Scouts, some families do opt to climb and drive home.  Sandy Spring is about 45 minutes from Arlington.
  • Climbing starts promptly at 7:30pm - everyone has to be registered and sign their waivers by then or everyone has to wait. Campers need to have an early dinner and clean up, and non-campers need to arrive on time.
  • Younger climbers, or those who grow tired of climbing, can return to camp for s'mores (provided by the pack) and not-so-scary ghost stories. More adventurous scouts may continue to climb until after 10pm.
  • After registering, be sure to sign your waiver!  See link in the sidebar.
The "official" Evite to sign up is here: http://evite.me/C69hd5ey6W

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Parent Action Items
  • Sign up via the Pack leader coordinating the event.
  • To save time, fill out the waiver for Sandy Spring ahead of time, at this link.
  • Camp and pack for an overnight stay.
  • Plan a campfire meal.
  • Close-toed shoes are required to climb. Scouts arriving in Crocs or sandals will be very disappointed!