Girls Can Join Cub Scouts!

Responding to the rising demand to include whole families in Scouting events, BSA in 2018 rolled out the Family Scouting Program.  What this means is, with the right leadership and participation, elementary school aged girls can join Cub Scouts.

Before the Pack took any action, we discussed it with everyone involved.  Our Chartering Organization (Mount Olivet), the entire Pack Committee, and the ASFS Girl Scout coordinator all sat down to come to agreement on if / how we should do this.  We all agreed that our shared goal is to increase youth participating in Scouting, and everyone agreed to move forward with Pack 167 admitting girls.

While we would encourage all girls to consider joining the ASFS Girl Scout Troops, there are reasons why joining the Cub Scout Pack may be preferable.  There are very significant differences between the program offerings, Den structure, and outdoor focus between BSA and GSA. In addition, many families have multiple elementary-age children, and reducing the number of events on family calendars can be very helpful.

BSA puts a high value on single-gender groups, and Dens will continue to be organized this way - there will be all-boy and all-girl dens.  Dens with girls must be led by at least one woman, preferably a parent. Assistant Den Leaders can be male or female.  So, starting a girls' den for a particular grade level should preferably have 2-3 girls, with a female parent as leader.

For more information, please visit the BSA Family Scouting page at .