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Pack Finances & Dues

Pack Expenses
The Pack pays for annual BSA fees, Boys' Life, awards and rank badges, and food for the larger events like the Blue and Gold Dinner and Spring Picnic.  The Pack provides s'mores at all outdoor events.  All together, these expenses average about $130 per Scout per year.

Many Cub Scout Packs use popcorn sales to fund these activities.  Pack 167 has traditionally opted out of this kind of fundraising, and asked for $130 in annual dues to cover everything.  Every few years excess funds (if they exist) are donated to a local charity.  Due to processing fees, if paying here on the web site we request an additional $5, so $135 total.

Paying Dues
Dues must be paid by December 1 of each Scouting year.  Checks can be made out to "Pack 167" and given to the Pack Treasurer.  The Treasurer can also take credit cards at Pack meetings.  Alternatively, dues may be paid with the PayPal link below.

PayPal Simple Storefront

Family-Provided Items
  • Families must purchase a Class A uniform, worn during Pack and Den meetings.  Moving from Tiger to Wolf, or Wolf to Bear, only the cap, belt, neckerchief, and neckerchief slide need be replaced.  Scouts typically acquire a new uniform for Webelos and Arrow of Light years, with no changes from one year to the next.
  • Class B uniforms are optional but very popular when doing more physical activities such as hikes.  These are basically tee shirts, and available for a very nominal fee at most Pack meetings.
  • Families also use their own gear for camping trips.  There are two such trips per year.
  • Occasionally, Dens will visit locations with entrance fees such as museums, sporting events, and the annual ski trip.  We try to keep these kind of events (and associated fees) to a minimum, and they are paid for by the individual families.
No boy should skip Scouting because of money.  If the dues, fees, or camping expenses are an issue, let any of the Treasurer, Cubmaster, or Committee Chair know.  We can and will work something out to ensure your son is able to enjoy Cub Scouting.

Friends of Scouting
Towards the end of the year, parents are asked to make voluntary contributions to the BSA general fund, though a program called Friends of Scouting.  This is what funds BSA nationally, including the District-wide events we attend and the local camps (like Camp Snyder and the Goshen Reservation).  If you feel we and BSA have provided a good program, please consider an additional donation during the spring drive.

Friends of Scouting