Registration is an easy, 2-step process. First, sign your Scout up with Boy Scouts of America (BSA) and pay the national registration fee. Then, return to this page to pay the Pack 12 dues of $16. That's it; you're a Cub Scout!

  1. To register with BSA, click here. You'll create an account (save your login information somewhere for later use), complete the registration form, and pay your national registration fees to Boy Scouts of America. You'll also have an opportunity to subscribe to Boy's Life magazine (HIGHLY recommended - kids love receiving these in the mail.)
  2. Pay Pack 12 dues of $16 using the Buy Now button below. 

    If you have more than one Scout to pay for, enter all names in this box, then adjust your quantity accordingly after pushing "Buy Now."

Print it, sign it, and drop it, along with payment, in the Cub Scout dropbox located at the carport door of the John Paul II Youth House, located at the corner of Government St. and Miriam St. on the Our Lady of Mercy Church campus. 

Please send an email to alerting us that you've done so, so that we can be on the lookout for it.

Application Forms:

Fees (payable to Pack 12):

 Month Joined  BSA Reg Fee  Pack 12 Dues  Boy's Life Magazine  Total
 $10  $16  $5  $28
 October  $8  $16  $4  $25
 November  $6  $16  $3  $22
 December  $4  $16  $2  $19
 January  $2  $16  $1  $52
 February  $24  $16  $12  $49
 March  $22  $16  $11  $46
 April  $20  $16  $10  $43
 May  $18  $16  $9  $40
 June  $16  $16  $8  $37
 July  $14  $16  $7  $34
 August  $12  $16  $6  $31