Space Derby

Note: Pack 10 has not hosted this event in recent years
  1. Only the basic materials supplied in the kit may be used, other than decorations.
  2. Length: The length of the rocket shall not be less than 6 ½ inches, nor exceed 7 inches (not including the propeller or fins).
  3. Width:
    The width shall not exceed 5 inches total. There are no restrictions on the weight or design of the rocket

    as long as it is flight worthy on the track.
  4. Remember lighter rockets go faster!
  5. Rockets may use no more than three (3) of the supplied bands (3 bands are recommended). A light coating of rubber or olive oil, available at the pre-flight, will prolong the band life and insure proper un-winding.
  6. Notched end of prop hub points forward The nose cone and band holding dowel must not be glued in place. The band holding dowel notch must be deep enough to hold dowel in place after the bands are wound.
  7. All rockets not passing inspection may be modified and re-inspected up until race posting time.
  8. The race will consist of each rocket being wound the same number of revolutions (100 seems to work well), then raced for a set distance. As each rank heat is announced, those Scouts will move to the front line. Depending on the participation level, each rocket will be raced 2 - 3 times or more. If a rocket leaves the track or malfunctions, the race will be re-run. If the rocket malfunctions a second time, it may be disqualified. 
  9. Judges decisions are final. Akela participation is a must during the race to help with the winding and other duties.
  10. Awards: 1st, 2nd, and Participant ribbons will be awarded for each Cub Scout Rank. Overall Pack Awards include 1st , 2nd, and 3rd place, Most Patriotic, and Rad Rocket.

    Have Fun and get Ready to BLAST OFF !!