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Now in it’s 23rd year of operation, Pacific Utility Audit, Inc. is celebrating that milestone by continuing to provide the high-quality FREE utility auditing services that have allowed it to outlive its hundreds of competitors since 1989.
Operating in California, Washington, Oregon and Nevada, Pacific Utility Audit is able to offer a level of legal expertise and multi-state experience not available from any remaining competition. This is of great benefit to the customer because when Pacific Utility Audit shows a judge or opposing legal counsel that hundreds of utility companies in other parts of the west coast are interpreting a rate or billing procedure in a manner inconsistent with their way of billing, it is often this point that convinces them to issue a full, retroactive refund to the client, as well as correcting future bills. Again, this legal representation is FREE! It is just as important for Pacific Utility Audit, Inc. to establish a history of successful refunds for its clients as it is to these clients to obtain a refund - this is because the next time Pacific Utility Audit requests a refund from that particular city or utility company, they will receive it promptly.
A utility audit reduces the per unit utility cost, whereas submetering, new equipment, rebate programs and energy management/audit services only reduce the number of units used!  Therefore, utility auditing is completely different from energy auditing and much more effective at reducing the annual utility cost with no out-of-pocket expenses or changes in equipment or equipment hours or use patterns!
We are the only utility auditing company on the West Coast that conducts on-site inspections of all of our client's properties.  In fact, half of all utility billing errors that we find are found out in the field.  How else can a utility audit determine if a 4" water service is actually a 4" water service, or if sewer service charges are being billed for an irrigation water meter?  This seems like common-sense, but no other competitor that we are aware of, since 1989, has ever actually conducted on-site inspections of their client's properties?!    Our field teams will locate every utility meter, street light, trash bin, etc. billed to each client, and verify that it belongs to our client, as well as its use, size, multiplier, lumen rating, etc. to determine whether or not it is being billed correctly.    If we find no utility billing overcharges or if we find utility billing undercharges, which we can do without alerting the utility companies, we simply let you know in our Utility Analysis Summary Report to you, and there is no cost for our service.
Literally thousands of homeowners associations and businesses have utilized this unique service since 1989. 90% of all of these associations or businesses have either obtained refunds or credits from the utility companies and/or reduced future utility costs by the correction of billing errors or through lower utility rate schedules!
See 'Client Savings' for examples of success stories made possible through Pacific Utility Audit, Inc.  Could your association or business be next?
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