April 21
Mystery box - Garter snake found in the garden. Garden work stations: (1) planting popcorn seeds we picked from the husk & (2) harvesting spinach for FoodLab. Looked at leaf miner on spinach and reviewed "bad bugs" lesson. Took popcorn husks home to plant or pop. Released snake.  

April 7
Seeded sunflowers in six packs (kids will eventually take home). Measured and cut plant tags. Wrote name, date, and plant type on their own plant tags.

March 24
Read book, The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller. Learned basics of how to use garden clippers safely. Learned about how to harvest flowers - cutting long stems and removing leaves - for the beginnings of bouquet making.  

March 17
Pollinators! Took a tour around the garden and looked at flowers. Talked about pollen, what it's for, and how pollinators help flowers make seeds, which grows our food. Practiced being pollinators and moving pollen from one flower to another. Activity: (instead of cheetos, I used crumbled up sidewalk chalk).  

March 10
Introduced good bugs vs. bad bugs in the garden. Made "good bug" puppets. Played "Good Bug vs. Bad Bug" game -

February 24
Visited rain gauge and counted inches of rainfall since last class. Introduction to insects in the garden through reading of Cucumber Soup, by Vickie Krudwig. Went on bug exploration in garden, collected in bug boxes and shared as a group.     

January 27
Reviewed concepts around water. Talked about importance of water to plants, how plants use their roots and stem to drink water from the soil, & our important role as gardeners to water plants when there's no rain. We practiced watering dry areas in the garden, learned about the rain gauge, and harvested lettuce for FoodLab.   

January 13
Learned all about Water. Discussed where we find water; looked at the three forms of water and observed differences between them; talked about the water cycle (see The Growing Classroom handout, p. 392; simplify for younger grades). Played a game to replicate the water cycle. Concluded with an "apple as the Earth" activity to show the importance of conserving water (fashioned after "Eat the Earth" activity, p. 215 of The Growing Classroom).     

December 16
Made holiday cards out of fruit and vegetable stamps. Got to take home our Rootview Cups.

December 2
Looked at our Rootview Cups and drew them. Talked about observation and change. Harvested lettuce for FoodLab.

November 25th
Looked at our Rootview Cups and observed changes. Discussed what we saw and made predictions about what will happen when we re-visit next week. Planted chard and harvested lettuce for FoodLab. 

November 18th
Looked at a plant's parts and talked about what each part does for the plant. Planted & decorated Rootview Cups. Measured our kale and added to our kale growth chart.

October 28th
Leaf Study. We talked about what leaves do for plants. Took a tour around the garden and collected leaves for leaf rubbings. Visited our kale and added new measurement to our kale growth chart. Harvested, washed and tasted lettuce from the garden.  

October 21st
Observed our kale and started a kale growth chart. Talked about the four things plants need to grow. Planted kale starts in our production bed.  

October 14th
Worms! We observed individual worms, talked about worms as food recyclers, and prepared bedding for our Squirm Inn. 

September 30th
Went on a seed hunt in the garden; then saved dried flower seeds.

September 23rd
Played Rainbow Chips and dug out bed for worms to be placed (Squirm Inn).

September 16th
Talked about good behavior in the garden and practiced gathering in a circle. Planted kale starts.