Using the Weather Station and Fall Update

posted Oct 9, 2013, 7:31 AM by John Fisher
Hi All,

It has been a great fall in the garden so far here are some updates:

Learn All About our Weather Station
See the video on how to use our weather station and minimum maximum thermometer at our Garden Website

Compost and Worms
Aubrey, parent of a pre-schooler and one of Mr. Preston's students, is taking on revamping our compost systems and setting up a worm bin. The worms are happily multiplying in half of bed number 9. Aubrey is coordinating with Emeilia to bring FoodLab veggie scraps to our 1,000+ new wiggly friends and new compost bin system soon to be set up.

Roanna Cooper FoodCorps Service Member
On Mondays our Life Lab will have the help from FoodCorps Service Member Roanna Cooper. Roanna is helping to care for the garden, support FoodLab in nutrition education/veggie tastings, teach the kinder class and many other Monday tasks. Roanna is a service member serving with Life Lab (the non-profit) and spends the other days of her week working at other Santa Cruz area school gardens.

Summer work brought some improvements and thanks to Mile's dad Brian and community volunteer Kevin our green house is more functional with new plastic. I just installed auto window vents to help keep the green house a bit cooler on hot days. These vent openers will open and close automatically as the temperature changes. Coming someday soon will be a mist system. Check out the minimum/maximum thermometer on the west facing post behind the greenhouse door. This thermometer is like the one in our weather station (see weather station video) but you reset it by using the attached magnet to "drag" the blue markers down.

New Pencil Sharpener
Find it mounted on a post in the shade house. Seems like such a little update, but is it huge when your pencil needs sharpening!

Shed Organization
During a workday in September some students and Eva's mom Ginger did some organization in the shed. The right side of the shed should be easier to find things. Please put things back where you find them. 

First Aid Kit
I put first aid kit in the garden shed. It is hanging inside, up on a post on the right side of the shed.

Food Lab and Stephanie Featured on Edible

Plantings and More
We had a nice harvest of 5 kinds of winter squash this summer and a tasting of winter squash varieties happened last week. This winter squash will continue to be featured this month in the menu.

The k/1 class will soon harvest popcorn and we might have enough to share at lunch.

At the recent workday more flowers, bulbs, and veggies were planted.

There are loads of flower seeds drying in the greenhouse. Bachelor Buttons, Sunflowers, Poppies, and Nigella. Many classes have helped to process/save these seeds. We have a seed collection stored in the shed and plans might include packaging and selling these seeds. Let me know if you want more instructions for your class to help save seeds, if we can time it right I would like to work with your class. See more on flower seed saving here

There is lots of action in the garden these days and most classes seem to be visiting weekly! All the production beds are planted out with veggies minus one pumpkin bed which will be turned over soon. Root view cups, germination test, decomposition bags, mini-greehouses and more are all evidence of learning taking place in the garden!