October 3 Garden Workday - A Success

posted Oct 1, 2012, 10:04 PM by John Fisher   [ updated Sep 16, 2013, 9:53 PM ]

I never thought I would be wishing away a hot day in Davenport but it was a good thing that heat wave ended with an exclamation point of cool and cloudy weather, a great welcome to our first garden workday of the year.

It takes teamwork to create and sustain a school garden. Thank you to the parents, teachers, food lab staff, administrators, community volunteer, and kids that came out and did the following:

  • saved the avocado tree of death by passion vine
  • began to tackle the other passion vine monster near the entrance gate
  • cleared the flower garden brush uncovering relicts from the past including an ancient pyramid and pre-historic sculptures!
  • organized the shed, giving it the love that it deserves
  • painted sign blanks
  • organized the lathe house
  • installed the sink
  • weeded
  • made dump runs
  • painted and hid garden wish stones
  • started compost corner
  • planted succulents in rock wall
  • and everything else I am forgetting
Alan Chadwick once said "The gardener doesn't create the garden, The garden creates the gardener"  This might be true but if your shed isn't organized nothing can be created. Looking forward to inspiring learning, creativity, and wellness in the garden.

See all we crossed off the list:

Big Picture Goals

·      Organize shed.

·      Return Greenhouse to a functional greenhouse space by removing tools and cabinets and putting them in the toolshed.

·      Install sink and drain in the lath house

·      Clear area and set up composting system under the weeping willow

·      Remove passion vine that is covering the avocado tree

·      Weed kukuya grass



Organize shed to store tools and lesson/learning supplies

A.     Remove the following from greenhouse and put in shed:

1.     CONSTRUCTION big double door cabinet, remove wheels so it fits under the back shelf in right side corner. Will need to move back shelf support over a few inches for cabinet to fit.

2.     Move the blue cubby storage shelves to shed.

3.     Move all tools to shed and organize


B.     Organize shed to store the following items (suggested areas to store them) SEE MAP

1.     General reference books (in shelves to be created CONSTRUCTION)

2.     Containers (in shelves on the back wall)

3.     Arts and craft supplies (in the deep shelves on the right side of shed)

4.     Science Tools (in the deep shelves on the right side of shed)

5.     Lesson Kits (in the deep shelves on the right side of shed)

6.     Seeds (in file cabinet under the back wall shelf) Old seeds for crafts and new seeds for planting labeled

7.     Fertilizers (in the double door cabinet from the greenhouse)

8.     Garden Tools for adults (in the double door cabinet from the greenhouse)

9.     Garden Tools for kids (in buckets, crates or baskets stored on floor of shed)

10. Trowels, shears, ect.

11. Gloves (strung on a string on the door, clipped on with cloths pins.


C.     Move earth mosaic from back of shed to side of shed facing entrance gate.

D.    CONSTRUCTION Make entrance step/porch for front of shed from the redwood lumber Still need to add right angle bracket


E.    Green house tasks

1.     Get all tools and other supplies in to the shed (minus umbrellas which don’t fit well in shed)

2.     Move the double door cabinet to and blue cubby shelf to shed see Task A. 1.

3.     Put the wire mesh topped table that is outside of greenhouse in the greenhouse


F.    Lath house tasks

1.     Place pots under table – freeing up table space

2.     Move Sharon’s bench to where planter is and put planter next to the other planter on deck outside of lath house. Secure bench to deck if needed.

3.     Add a potting mix bin to lath house (garbage can)

4.     CONSTRUCTION Prop up sink with cinder blocks and add drain pipes Still need to extend drain pipe to nearby tree

5.     Cut umbrella hole in picnic bench


G.    Compost Project

1.     Clear out weeping willow corner, remove tree, set up triple bin compost bins with wire

2.     Clear plants so gate will roll better


F.    Garden Tasks

1.     Clear passion vine from avocado tree

2.     Plant succulents in rock wall

3.     Weed kukuya grass

Painted sign blanks