Kukuya Update 5/4/16

posted May 4, 2016, 9:44 PM by John Fisher
Volunteer Judy Stevens has been doing a great job removing this nasty weed.

Here is a little background on work that has been done over the past two years.

All of our beds will eventually have kukuya grass under them and they all have failed gopher wire except for the beds that have been revamped.

When they built these beds they used plain chicken wire instead of gopher wire. They used poor quality narrow weed cloth. The kukuya grass just grows in between the seems of the narrow weed cloth.

Beds 1-6 all have been fully dug and lifted. Kukuya grass runners removed, kukuya embeded weed cloth removed, soil sifted of Kukuya grass and new quality gopher wire was installed. We put down 10 foot wide high quality weed cloth that should keep the kukuya at bay. It is over lays each other across the paths. We also dug away the kukuya that was next to the beds and made a fence wall of weed cloth to keep the Kukuya from coming back to the beds. Beds 1-6 seem to be doing well, although I have a feeling bed 2 might have Kukuya seed in it?? There is some monocot that persistently comes up after tilling and planting.

Bed 9 also received the full renovation.  The mint, verbena will some day get the renovation treatment but I think beds 7 and 8 will be first since they have gophers.  It is a lot of work but I try to line up the CCC volunteers to do the work.

The Mint and Verbena bed looks great. I will make sure it gets water it would be great to see the mint come back. Before the drought the mint was out competing the kukuya once we cut water from the bed the kukuya took over. If you do have time to work on the path between the fence and the mint bed that would be great. We had spent a good amount of time digging grass and then trenched in a plastic barrier wall along the fence line but I am sure the kukuya has made it through and the remaining runners in the path have grown into the bed.