Early January Update

posted Jan 5, 2015, 10:57 PM by John Fisher

The garden is looking quite nice with the sunny weather but unfortunately the birds have been busy.  A new kiwi trelis is about to be finished, we got a nice big chalk board donated, and compost is composting.

Here's some updates:

Nuts next week. I will be purchasing Nuts for tasting next week. Find nuts to share with your kids in the shed. I will also be sending on some educational materials if you want to use them to teach about nuts. 

Worms seem to be thriving - thanks to all those that are feeding them.

Compost - if your kids can help flip the compost have them continue to flip the left most pile on top of the middle pile. The right most bin can be the start of a new pile.
It is all looking good and in a month or so we can most likely start sifting the middle pile. We will have lots of compost and more on the way!
The compost buckets from FoodLab now have labels state compost or pigs. Leave pig labeled compost for the pig lady.

The green whale city buckets have been brought to Whale City for greens to be collected again. Feel free to collect greens when you can for composting.

Birds!!! have been munching on everything. Today my kids put netting on the greenhouse windows and I fixed the door so it shuts better. Lets keep the greenhouse door shut and see if we can keep the birds out of the green house. You can put a little stick in the greenhouse latch to keep the door shut.

We will continue to plant lettuce for FoodLab. Today we harvested the little bits that were there and planted a new bed and netted it as good as possible. I will be getting more netting and row cover so that we can better protect the lettuce starts and hopefully get the peas to come back.

I will be getting more straw for mulching and composting.

In the first rock lined flower bed as you enter the garden there is a bit too much borage growing. Feel free to weed it and compost it.

Between the two benches and the highway there are plum tree suckers to be cut as well as general weeding.

I will be installing a big chalk board and giving it a bit of protection from the weather on the side of the 

If anyone has a weed whip, the entrance steps could be whipped.

Compost can be flipped.

Lettuce seeds can be sown and placed in the greenhouse. There is potting soil in the lath house.

Lots more fava bean seed can be planted around our fruit trees. Find fava seed in the seed file cabinet in the shed.

Things to buy / get:
Nut Lesson Material and tasting activites
Bird Netting
Bird Netting Supports
Roof Material for Chalkboard
Giant Binder Clips
4 - Apple Juice Bottles
Penstemon or other flower