$500 Grant Awarded to Our Garden!

posted Nov 15, 2012, 12:43 AM by John Fisher
We were awarded a $500 Agriculture in the Classroom Literacy for Life Grant to plant edible perennial plants in our garden.

Below is text that describes what we requested and were awarded. See more details in the 10/1/12 Grant Archive.

We are requesting funds to purchase plants, irrigation, and harvest tools to enhance our school
garden program. We wish to plant perennial tree and cane fruits, perennial cut flowers, and
perennial herbs. Currently our garden is composed primarily of annual vegetable crops and by
incorporating perennials we will have more year round opportunities to harvest and learn from our
garden. Additionally having perennial crops will provide us with harvest options from year to year
with less effort as compared to annual vegetable cropping

We would like to add 3 citrus trees and a raspberry or ollieberry patch. Fruits would be harvested by
students for tasting during garden class. If production is heavy, fruits may be incorporated into our
Food Lab school lunch program.

We would like to plant more perennial flowers and bulbs that bloom during the school year. On
Mondays flowers are placed on cafeteria tables, by growing more flowers our garden class could
harvest these flowers directly from the garden.

We would like to plant the following perennial herb plants: lemon verbena, oregano, rosemary,
thyme, and lemon grass. These plants will be harvested to be sold as mini-fundraisers, for herbal
crafts, sun tea, and for Food Lab.

To ensure success of these new plantings we plan to purchase drip irrigation and a timer from

Additionally we would like to have the right tools to assist our harvest and pruning. We plan to
purchase a set of hand shears, pruning loppers and buckets to assist in harvesting.