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Daily Garden Tasks for Kids

Refer to the map below and look for signs in the garden.

Water, Water, Water
There are new watering bottles in the lath house so that more kids can get involved at once.

Things to water:

  • any and all fruit trees see red text in map 
  • other perennials and flowers marked on the map as green bushes
  • the containers that are on the black stage

Micro Weeding
I say micro cause we don't want to burn kids out on weeding. Micro - as in 1-2 minutes of weeding. Many hands make light work and with frequency things get done. See the yellow boxed areas on the map for good places to have your students visit and pull the weeds everytime you enter or leave the garden. The perennial plants and fruit trees all would appreciate little fingers pulling weeds from around their base.

Check The Weather
Always worth doing. Fill out the weather log, the minimum maximum thermometer is mounted on the shed. Learn about our weather station

Production Bed Harvesting
There are small white buckets (2 gallon mini versions of the 5 gallon buckets that are used for composting) that will live under the bussing table in the upper grades lunch room. Grab those buckets when you go to the garden then fill them with salad or kale and bring to food lab. Emelia said she can pretty much use what ever we bring her. When I harvest with K/1 we try to fill 4-5 buckets of lettuce which equates to about the amount of lettuce needed for the day's salad. Keep up communications with Emelia so we can learn what works best.

Planting Notes

Late Fall Planting Ideas

Easy successful things to plant with kids in October/November
See the crop planning chart below for general ideas.
Other good things to plant:

Fava Beans - there is a bag of fava bean seeds in the seed file cabinet in the shed (back of top drawer). Plant about 6 inches apart for a good stand of cover crops that can be composted in the spring or grow out for beans to eat. I just kind of toss them (broadcast) on the garden bed and then have the kids poke them in.

Onion Sets or Garlic Cloves - good to plant now for late spring - summer harvest.

Flower Bulbs - you might want to plant them on the edges of your bed so they bulbs won't get in the way of as much when you dig the bed in the spring for more planting. Or you can dig them up and store them over the summer for planting again in the fall. Ideally you want to put them in a place that you don't have to dig much in.

Crop Planning Resources

Planting Annual Crops - A primer and links
Annual Crop Planning - Handout and quick list

Click image for larger view