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2016 Summer Garden Care Instructions
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Prepare yourself and kids to help
  1. Read the following notes
  2. Watch the Summer Care Video before you visit for more details. Also check out these extra credit tasks! Potting Plants and Clearing for Flower Bed
  3. Learn how to record the weather in our weather station
The shed is the only area in the garden that is locked. I have sent you the combo. Please lock when you are done.

All our beds are numbered on the end of the bed and you can find a map on this page.

Fun Easy Family Friendly Tasks 
Find details on this list in the summer care video below. This list will be updated throughout the summer.
  • Deadhead flowers (remove spent flowers) and cut bouquets for your self
  • Harvest lemon verbena, chamomile, and lemon balm.
  • Weed the vegetable beds
  • Pick up and compost fallen plum fruits (gorge yourself on plums)
  • Water plants that have a blue flags
  • Bring kitchen scraps to feed our worms

Extra Credit Tasks!
  • Pulling Kukuya Grass from our fence lines. See details in video
  • Taking the Kukuya Grass and other weed barrels and dumping them in the school's green waste bins near front of school
  • Taking the Garbage and Recycling from inside the shed and in the covered lath house and dumping them in the school's bins near front of school
  • Building Trelises for cucumbers in bed 10, for tomatoes in beds 2-6 and bed 9