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The Boy Scouts of America STEM/NOVA Program

The BSA STEM program is a supplement to a young person’s ongoing education by combining fun and achievement to help Scouts explore potential career pathways in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics.

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Instant Science
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How big is 20.4 kiloparsecs?
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Cosmic Car Crash

Fierce collision of neutron stars detected. More information here.
Watch the video explaining the kilonova explosion here.
A deeper dive on the science and technology here.

Cosmic Collisions


Software Jobs continue to grow.  More information here

More girls are signing up for AP Computer Science Classes

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How to make your password worthless to Cyber Crooks

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Forty Years of Voyager

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Inside the International Space Station

The International Space Station

Explore Our Solar System with Google Maps

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What is STEM?

What is STEM?

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Introduction to STEM/NOVA

BSA Introduction to STEM/NOVA

Jobs of the Future

Jobs of the Future

Our World in 2020

Our World in 2020

The Future is Here

The Year 2020

Take a tour of Mars. Click here

Image courtesy: Gizmodo

Mysteries of Quantum Physics

Einstein's Theory of Relativity Explained in three minutes

Einstein 100


The problem...

What it means for us in Washington State

Courtesy Washington STEM

Message from the International Space Station

NASA and Scouting

What's New in STEM Education?

What's New in STEM education?

STEM in Washington State

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