Hawaii Emerging Leaders Program
2011 APEC Conference

Hawaii State Capitol, Honolulu, HI   ||  November 4, 2011

Co-organized by House Representative Karen Awana and Pacific Forum CSIS

“How does climate change affect your member economy?”

Objective:  To develop a public policy agenda to respond to climate change that affects your member economy.  As well as understanding the issues relating to their member economy, participants acquire understanding of the foreign policies of other participants and the foreign policy process.

The focus is on results-based approaches to climate change problems and a successful outcome is defined as one in which a framework for achieving a well-defined strategy can be agreed upon by all member economies. 

Presentations:  In a group consisting of 3-4 members, students will act as Ambassadors of their assigned APEC member economy to develop declarations that address climate changes affecting them.  The team’s declaration and three resolutions should be aligned with their member economy’s foreign policies.  Each team will have an adviser assigned to the group to assist with any aspect of this project that needs clarification.

Students will prepare a 10-minute presentation to be presented at the APEC Conference on November 4, 2011 at the Hawaii State Capitol co-hosted by House Rep. Karen Awana, chair of the International Affairs Committee, and Pacific Forum CSIS.

Each team presentation MUST address the following issues and include a declaration with three resolutions that follow APEC language:
  • Preamble: Identify current and potential climate changes that will affect your economy.
  • What three resolutions does your member economy propose to APEC in response to these climate changes?
  • Which APEC member(s) do you intend to partner with in response to these climate changes?  Why?  What is your strategy?

Following the 10-minute presentation, the General Assembly will be given five minutes to question the presenting group about their presentation and resolutions.  A group rapporteur will record questions.  Groups will answer these questions during the rebuttal session.

Christina Failma,
Sep 12, 2011, 6:33 PM