ماشین آلات و خط تولید الیاف پلی استر

* Complete Polyester Staple Fiber Production Line 

Shanghai Pacific Textile Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., is one of the subsidiaries of Pacific Mechatronic (Group) Co., Ltd., who was founded on August 12, 1994, consists of 33 enterprises of former Shanghai Textile Machinery Industry Company and Shanghai Textile Equipment Industry Company. Shanghai Pacific has total asset of RMB 3.358 billion. In 2004, Shanghai Pacific reaches RMB1.85 sales revenue, USD 62.3 million export amounts, and 28.8 million profit.

Shanghai Pacific headquarter and most its enterprises locate in Shanghai. With 10 textile machinery and equipments manufactory, technology center, import & export cooperation and listed company, Shanghai Pacific has grown into a comprehensive enterprises group, competitive in product development, design, manufacture and service.

In October 2003, Shanghai Pacific ranks No. 74 of top 500 Chinese machinery industry enterprises.  

Shanghai Pacific Textile Complete Equipment Co., Ltd., specializes in project of mechanism and electricity for fiber and cotton.

At the beginning of 2005, Pacific Mechatronic (Group) Co., Ltd., Decided to strip-down Shanghai Pacific Textile Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. Now the fiber manufactures dept. of Shanghai Erfangji Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xin Si Ji Machinery & Electricity Co., Ltd., Shanghai Pacific Mechatronic Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Pacific Textile Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. Make up the new company. 

It handles key project from product exploration, project design, process control, manufacture, check on and install service to pro-operating. Besides, it supplies all sorts of textile machinery and fittings.

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