Unit 1 - Investigation and Experimentation

Unit Overview

This unit briefly introduces students to the scientific method, questioning, observing, and drawing conclusions.
Time: 2 weeks
Day 1
    Syllabus and general introductions to the course
Day 2
    Activity: Learning style survey
    Lecture: Characteristics of Life
Day 3
    Receive bathroom passes
Day 5    
    Get textbooks
    Activity: Book survey or read pgs 8-15, define 5 terms and answer Q's 1-5
Day 6
    Activity: Simpson Science
Day 7
    Binder check
     Activity: Language of Science
Day 8
    Activity: Problem Solving
Day 9
    Lab: Footprints
    Data input
    Analyze Data

Teacher Demonstrations

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Student Experiments and Activities

PowerPoint Presentations

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