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Round Dance Leaders

Mike McDonald joined the Pacesetters as a Round Dance leader January 2012. Mike cues every fourth Monday, with early Rounds at 7:30 Mike teaches Round dancing in Anderson, SC., and many of our members have taken lessons from him.
Matt Temples has been one of the club's cuer for over seven years.  He and Ramona have taught many of us to dance and offer Round Dance lessons in Cornelia, GA.  They have been dancing over a decade, Cueing for eight years and teaching for seven years.  Matt Cues for us every second Monday with early Rounds at 7:30
He and Ramona Showcased and taught at the 2007 National Convention in Charlotte, NC. They have Cooregraphed and taught their own dances at the 2007 Georgia State Square & Round Dance Convention, and the 2009 and 2010 Tennessee State Square & Round Dance Convention.

Matt also Cues for Habersham Squares in Cornelia, GA, The Happy Squares in Athens, GA the Paws & Taws in Seneca, SC and the Team Squares in Commerce, GA
On the 5th Monday we invite various Guest Cuers.