T.J. Walsh, Halifax, fleet list December 2006

TJ1          TJI 9143                 Ford Transit VE6/Dormobile B16F

TJ2          B2 TGW                 Ford Transit VE6/Steedrive B16F

TJ3          B3 TGW                 Ford Transit/Mellor B16F

TJ4          B4 TGW                 Ford Transit VE6/Crystal B20F

TJ5          B5 TGW                 Ford Transit VE6/Dormobile B20F

TJ6          B6 TGW                 Ford Transit VE6/Made to Measure C20F

TJ7          TJI 9147                 Ford Transit VE6/Crystal B20F

TJ8          H192 EKN              Ford Transit VE6/Dormobile B20F

TJ9          B9 TJW                  Ford Transit VE6/Made to Measure B20F

TJ10        R812 UOK             Leyland DAF 400/UVG B16F

TJ11        B11 TJW                Ford Transit/Dormobile B20F

TJ12        B12 TJW                Ford Transit/Metalcraft B16F

TJ14        B14 TJW                Ford Transit/Mellor B15FL

TJ15        B15 TJW                Ford Transit VE6/Dormobile B18F

TJ16        B16 TGW               Ford Transit/Crystal B20F

TJ17        B17 TJW                Ford Transit VE6/Dormobile B18F

TJ18        B18 TJW                Mercedes-Benz 811D/Plaxton Beaver B29F

TJ19        B19 TJW                Iveco Daily 49/Leicester Carriage Builders B23F

TJ20        B20 TJW                Ford Transit 150D/Carlyle O16F

TJ21        N168 WNF            Mercedes-Benz 709D/Alexander AM Sprint B23F

TJ23        N703 FSM             Ford Transit/Crystal B20F

TJ25        N705 FSM             Ford Transit/Crystal B20F

TJ27        P628 ROU              Iveco Daily 49/UVG B19F

P673 LHE               Mercedes-Benz 711D/Metalcraft B25FL

TJI 9148                 Ford Transit VE6/Crystal B20F

M164 LNC             Mercedes-Benz 709D/Alexander AM Sprint B23F

P939 HVX              Mercedes-Benz 811D/Plaxton Beaver B29F

R48 CNY                Iveco Daily 49/UVG B16F

P473 APJ               Mercedes-Benz 711D/Plaxton Beaver B27F

P380 KPY               Mercedes-Benz 709D/Plaxton Beaver B25F



Former Registrations

TJI 9143                 F817 XUG

B2 TGW                 F419 EVU

B3 TGW                 M309 TFR

B4 TGW                 H68 BKM

B5 TGW                 F345 ONO

B6 TGW                 H553 EVM

TJI 9147                 G441 ETW

TJI 9148                 H187 GKM

B9 TJW                  H847 AUS

B11 TJW                G299 PKN

B12 TJW                M377 ELA

B14 TJW                M307 TFR

B15 TJW                H188 EHA

B16 TGW               N704 FSM

B17 TJW                H181 DHA

B18 TJW                N571 OUH

B19 TJW                N464 NHW

B20 TJW                B261 MDL

H192 EKN              H192 EKN, TJI 9148



Old (Red, Grey and Maroon)              TJ2, TJ4, TJ5, TJ9, TJ11, TJ16, TJ20, TJ23, TJ25, H192 EKN.

New (Red)                                             TJ1, TJ3, TJ6-8, TJ10, TJ12-15, TJ17-19, TJ21, TJ27, P673 LHE,

                                                                M164 LNC, P939 HVX, R48 CNY, P473 APJ, P380 KPY.



TJ2 was also formerly TJ2. It was withdrawn c.1/06 and replaced by M309 TFR, but was re-instated by 12/06 with M309 TFR becoming TJ29 and then TJ3.

TJ3 initially operated as TJ2 with its original registration M309 TFR. It was re-numbered TJ29 briefly during 2006, then re-numbered TJ3 and re-registered B3 TGW following withdrawal of the previous TJ3.

TJ8 (H192 EKN) formerly operated as TJ26 with original registration, then as TJ8 with registration TJI 9148. Given back its old registration in 4/05 on arrival of the TJI 9148 listed above.

TJ11 formerly operated as TJ25.

TJ12 formerly operated as the third TJ24.

TJ14 formerly operated as the second TJ26.

TJ16 formerly operated as the second TJ24 (the first was a Transit/Alexander which had been TJ4, see 1997 list).

TJ18 formerly operated as TJ22.

TJ19 previously operated with no fleet number