KHCT (Kingston Upon Hull City Transport) fleet list January 1989

Above: Roe- bodied Leyland Atlantean 258 (TKH 258H) is seen parked behind Hull bus station in Summer 1986, with a withdrawn MCW Metropolitan behind. At the time of the photograph the vehicle was dedicated to the "Ferrybus" service which linked the Bus Station to the North Sea Ferries terminal at King George Dock, as can just be discerned from the destination which reads "North Sea Ferries Rotterdam/Zeebrugge. For its role it had initially received a special livery, but had been repainted in standard fleet colours by the date of the photograph. This version of the livery was first introduced in 1984; the previous scheme is demonstrated by the Metropolitan. Only a handful of dual- door Atlanteans were repainted in this livery, although several carried an intermediate version with the blue extended up to the lower deck windows but retaining the blue cantrail band.
 For its role 258 had the "Kingston Upon Hull City Transport" lettering below the windscreen, to better demonstrate the operator to European and out- of- town ferry passengers. I wonder how many of them sought out a Grandways supermarket?
 As well as its Ferrybus duties, 258 was used for driver training and by the time of the list below was regarded as a full- time training vehicle, having been replaced on the Ferrybus by 467, which as will be seen had three seats removed to accommodate more luggage; on 258 this had been placed around the front door with passengers using the centre door, hence the centre entrance designation in the fleet list. There was also an instructors seat fitted on the front platform. 467 was replaced in turn in 1992 by Dennis Dominator 132; the Ferrybus still operates today as service 70 but utilises any available vehicle.

19            DYS 558T              Leyland Leopard PSU5C/4R/Plaxton Supreme IV C55F


Leyland Leopard PSU3F/4R/Plaxton Supreme IV C51F


21            AAG 21X               22            AAG 22X               23            AAG 23X


Leyland Leopard PSU3B/4R/Plaxton Elite III C51F


24            TUB 20M               25            TUB 23M


Leyland Leopard PSU3E/4R/Plaxton Supreme IV C51F


31            CPT 820S               32            CPT 821S               33            COF 705V              34            COF 707V


40            B40 UAG               Dennis Dorchester SDA805/Plaxton Paramount 3200 C50FT

41            BUT 23Y                Dennis Dorchester SDA801/Plaxton Paramount 3200 C44FT


Dennis Dorchester SDA805/Plaxton Paramount 3200 C49F


42            BUT 24Y                43            BUT 25Y


50            C50 FRH                Volvo B10M-61/Plaxton Paramount 3200 C50FT

51            D51 ORH               Volvo B10M-61/Plaxton Paramount 3200 C44FT

52            E52 WAG              Volvo B10M-61/Plaxton Paramount 3200 C50FT

60            B60 WKH              Leyland National 2 NL116HLXCT/1R B24DL

61            YAY 21Y                Dennis Lancet SD506/Duple Dominant Bus B31DL


Dennis Dominator DDA903/Alexander RL H43/32F


101          B101 UAT             103          B103 UAT             104          B104 UAT             105          B105 UAT

102          B102 UAT


Dennis Dominator DDA904/Alexander RL H43/32F


106          B106 UAT             107          B107 UAT


Dennis Dominator DDA904/Alexander DPH43/32F


108          B108 UAT             109          B109 UAT             110          B110 UAT


Dennis Dominator DDA1007/East Lancashire CH43/28F             


111          C111 CAT              112          C112 CAT              113          C113 CAT


Dennis Dominator DDA1006/East Lancashire E H45/30F


120          C120 CAT              123          C123 CAT              126          C126 CAT              129          C129 CAT

121          C121 CAT              124          C124 CAT              127          C127 CAT              130          C130 CAT

122          C122 CAT              125          C125 CAT              128          C128 CAT              131          C131 CAT


Dennis Dominator DDA 1014/East Lancashire E H45/32F


132          E132 SAT              135          E135 SAT              138          E138 SAT              140          E140 SAT

133          E133 SAT              136          E136 SAT              139          E139 SAT              141          E141 SAT

134          E134 SAT              137          E137 SAT


Dennis Dominator DDA1016/East Lancashire H45/31F


142          F142 BKH              145          F145 BKH              148          F148 BKH              150          F150 BKH

143          F143 BKH              146          F146 BKH              149          F149 BKH              151          F151 BKH

144          F144 BKH              147          F147 BKH


242          NAT 242F              Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 mark II/Roe H44/31F


Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H44/31F


244          PRH 244G              248          PRH 248G              252          PRH 252G              255          PRH 255G

245          PRH 245G              249          PRH 249G              253          PRH 253G              256          PRH 256G

246          PRH 246G              251          PRH 251G              254          PRH 254G              257          PRH 257G

247          PRH 247G             


258          TKH 258H             Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H43/21C     Training Bus


Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H43/28D


261          TKH 261H             265          TKH 265H             270          TKH 270H


284          WRH 284J             Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H/D             Exhibition Bus


Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H43/28D


289          WRH 289J             293          WRH 293J


Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H43/29F


298          ARH 298K             303          ARH 303K             310          ARH 310K             315          ARH 315K

302          ARH 302K             306          ARH 306K             312          ARH 312K             317          ARH 317K


Leyland Atlantean AN68/1R/Roe H43/29F


319          DRH 319L              332          DRH 332L              347          NAT 347M            360          GAT 199N

320          DRH 320L              335          DRH 335L              349          NAT 349M            361          GAT 200N

321          DRH 321L              336          DRH 336L              350          NAT 350M            362          GAT 201N

322          DRH 322L              337          DRH 337L              351          NAT 351M            363          GAT 202N

323          DRH 323L              339          NAT 339M            354          NAT 354M            364          GAT 203N

324          DRH 324L              341          NAT 341M            355          NAT 355M            365          GAT 204N

327          DRH 327L              343          NAT 343M            357          NAT 357M            366          GAT 205N

330          DRH 330L              345          NAT 345M            358          GAT 197N             367          GAT 206N

331          DRH 331L             


Leyland Atlantean AN68C/1R/Roe H43/31F


368          WAG 368X            372          WAG 372X            376          WAG 376X            380          WAG 380X

369          WAG 369X            373          WAG 373X            377          WAG 377X            381          WAG 381X

370          WAG 370X            374          WAG 374X            378          WAG 378X            382          WAG 382X

371          WAG 371X            375          WAG 375X            379          WAG 379X


Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1/Alexander AL H47/29D


453          SKY 453J               464          TKU 464K             465          TKU 465K             466          TKU 466K

462          TKU 462K            


467          TKU 467K             Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1/Alexander AL H47/26D


Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1/Alexander AL H47/29D


468          TKU 468K             469          TKU 469K


MCW Metrobus DR102/7/MCW H43/32F


501          LAT 501V              505          LAT 505V              509          LAT 509V              513          LAT 513V

502          LAT 502V              506          LAT 506V              510          LAT 510V              514          LAT 514V

503          LAT 503V              507          LAT 507V              511          LAT 511V              515          LAT 515V

504          LAT 504V              508          LAT 508V              512          LAT 512V


MCW Metrobus DR102/17/MCW H43/32F


516          SAG 516W            520          SAG 520W            524          SAG 524W            528          SAG 528W

517          SAG 517W            521          SAG 521W            525          SAG 525W            529          SAG 529W

518          SAG 518W            522          SAG 522W            526          SAG 526W            530          SAG 530W

519          SAG 519W            523          SAG 523W            527          SAG 527W


Iveco Daily 49.10/Robin Hood City Nippy DP25F


601          D601 MKH            605          D605 MKH            609          D609 MKH            613          D613 MKH

602          D602 MKH            606          D606 MKH            610          D610 MKH            614          D614 MKH

603          D603 MKH            607          D607 MKH            611          D611 MKH            615          D615 MKH

604          D604 MKH            608          D608 MKH            612          D612 MKH


Scania N112CR/East Lancashire DP49F


701          F701 BAT              703          F703 BAT              705          F705 BAT              706          F706 CAG

702          F702 BAT              704          F704 BAT


Mothballed (Reserve) Vehicles

Leyland Atlantean PDR1A/1/Roe H43/28D


259          TKH 259H             285          WRH 285J             287          WRH 287J             297          WRH 297J

281          WRH 281J             286          WRH 286J            



19-Frederick Holmes; 21-King Edward I; 22-William Wilberforce; 23-Amy Johnson; 24-Michael De-La-Pole; 25-Andrew Marvell; 31-John Rotenheeryng; 32-William Maister; 33-Thomas Wilson; 34-Luke Foxe; 40-John Harrison VC; 41-Wilf Spaven; 43-Dr Mary Murdoch; 50-Dr Phillip Larkin; 60-Albert Parker; 61-Louis Pearlman; 112-Stephen F Thompson; 601-King Alfred; 602-King Canute; 603-King William I; 604-King Stephen; 605-King John; 606-King Harold II; 607-King Richard III; 608- King Charles II; 609-Queen Elizabeth I; 610-King James I; 611-King Henry VIII; 612-Queen Anne; 613-Queen Victoria; 614-King George V; 615-King Egbert; 701-Park Lane; 702-Chelsea; 703-Piccadilly; 704-The Strand; 705-Mayfair; 706-Knightsbridge.



Blue and White with Maroon wheels, except-


Kingstonian (White with Blue and Maroon stripes)      19, 21-25, 31-34, 40-43, 50-52, 108-113.

Handyrider (As Kingstonian)                                            60, 61.

Royale (Maroon with Gold lining)                                     601-615.

City Slicker (White with three-tone Blue bands)            701-706.

Commemorative                                                                    135 (Streamlined livery), 136 (Pre-war livery),

                                                                                                137 (Tramways livery).

Overall Advert                                                                      105 (Viking Radio), 302 (Mariner Gas), 516

                                                                                                (Hull Telephones), 519 (Kingstonian).