Ever wondered what buses ran in a certain town or city, say 20 years ago? Perhaps you've built a model railway and don't know what bus to put on it? Maybe you just want to remember buses and trains of the (not so) recent past. Fed up of trying to find this info on the web? Wish it was all on one site?......Well now it is, and with a good helping of class 142 photographs too!
                                                Welcome to the Pacer Chaser's website!

142038 at Rochdale 23/1/08

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Welcome to the Pacer Chaser's website.  
Most of the site is dedicated to transport matters including a large number of archive fleet lists for bus operators in the UK. There are also photographic features, the occasional railway history, disused railway surveys and the odd random page. The main theme is subjects that I have tried and failed to find information on the internet about, so have ended up researching myself.
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THANKYOU- As regular visitors to this site will be aware, there have been several long pauses in new additions recently. This has been due to various personal and professional commitments and also due to writing commitments for other people. I hope to make fairly regular additions to the site in the future, but in the meantime Thankyou for your patience and please visit again soon to view progress!

Small print- general

This is the personal website of M. Latus (the Pacer chaser). It is not a commercial website and has no links, commercial or otherwise to any of the individuals or organisations mentioned on the pages.
All photographs and documents on the site are my own, unless credited otherwise. Please feel free to print them for personal/private use, if you would like to use them for any other purpose please e-mail me on the address below, it should be ok but I'd like to know about it, please!  This is especially so with items provided by other people so that I can gain the relevant permission from them.  Also if you do use content from this site in any books/magazines/websites please mention the website in the list of sources, further reading etc.

Small print- the bus fleet lists

The archive fleet lists for UK bus operators on this site date from the 1960's almost to the present day. The majority are compiled by myself from official company lists which have been given to me by various people over the years or purchased from transport fairs, dealers etc. Where possible these have been cross-referenced with available published material from the time, as even official lists sometimes contain gaps or errors. Some of the lists contained depot allocations which are reproduced here, and I have illustrated some with photographs from my collection. A handful of the lists are based on observations double-checked against contemporary published lists, these are stated on the individual pages.
There are also some lists which have been sent to me by other people, these are credited appropriately and are added in good faith, however the original source of these is not always known to me.


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Scarborough and District Leyland Olympian 652- G306 UYK passing Scarborough rail station 10/5/07.