Pablo  2003  Chemist Pablo the Chemist is a fellow rafter that Robin became acquainted with during an annual camping trip to the Salmon River. Upon viewing a very strange photograph of Pablo, and because of his knowledge that Pablo had pursued prior "occupations" in "chemistry," Robin named this project PTC, Pablo The Chemist.
  Robin Chappell  2004  Drums, Keys, Guitar Robin Chappell, aka, Rob in the Hood, wanted to play drums. Since his friends would not tolerate this behavior easily, he had to create an excuse. He is all about the chemistry in the moment. Any day he can play is a moment to remember.
  Daniel Powell  2004  Saxophone Musician and collaborator in Eugene, Oregon, Daniel has a strong penchant for funk and jazz. He only occasionally will record with PTC, but he contributes willingly...

  Dan Lorenz  2005  Bass Dan plays bass. He's really good at it. He's the groove master. NO body can hold down a groove, simple and direct, like this guy. Where is Dan?

  Lance Miller  2007  Keys Lance plays keys and really, REALLY digs on cool music. He loves his family. He loves dogs too. He probably loves chickens, but he doesn't have any. He loves loving. He loves his job. There's probably something he doesn't love, but that will be his secret...

  Artie Leider  2010  Guitar Artie plays stuff. He mostly plays around. But when it comes to music, it gets REALLY serious. Seriously...

  Steve Chamberlain  2010  Guitar, Bass Steve plays guitar, rhythmic, driving, melodic, and diving deep into his musical roots. He is never short for ideas for dramatic landscapes through which we walk our talk.

  Chip Walker  2010  Keys Chip is looking for music that drives harder than we chemists may ever be capable.

  Uknown Soldier  1 BC  Soul Who will play with us next?