Pablo Rodríguez-Sánchez,

Marie Curie ESR and PhD Student at
Department of Aquatic Ecology,
Wageningen University

Science journalist at


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Since 2012, I hold a Licenciatura on theoretical physics (Complutense University of Madrid), equivalent to a 5-year master's degree in the spanish educational system.

I am currently carrying out a PhD as Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at Wageningen University. My research is focused on modeling and simulating biological systems described by non-linear dynamics, and characterizing observables for determining early warning signals of catastrophic shifts.

In my free time, I participate enthusiastically in various science communication and science teaching projects, being my collaborations with naukas.com the main one. Naukas is the biggest online magazine about science communication in spanish language. I've also participated in speeches at universities, radio, and even tv shows.

Latest news

28 Aug - 9 Sep 2016 @ CRITICS Summer Meeting 2016. Presenting poster "Does neutrality promote chaos in competition models?" (download here)