The PABC offers membership to biographical counsellors trained by the Biography and Social Development Trust in the UK or at the Centre for Social Development, or professional biographical counsellors from other biographical counselling trainings and students in the 2nd and 3rd year of their training on the Courses in Biographical Counselling in other countries, after a consultation with the PABC Council. 

To become a member please contact
 the PABC. Please note that membership runs from January to January.

Membership of the PABC enables you to become part of a body of professionals working in the field. This body offers a space where insight can be gained as to how, where and in what manner biographical counseling is being carried into the world. The PABC provides members with opportunities to share information, professional experience, research and development of Biographical Counselling through the meetings it organizes and the various other channels of communication and activities it has created for this purpose. It also offers a spring board to contribute and to become a part of creating the means by which biographical counselling can be more fully represented in and integrated into the greater counselling and psychotherapeutic world.

Your membership to the PABC is a great support to the essential work of continuing and expanding the much needed spiritual impulse, fostered through Biographical Counselling and Biography Work, which we endeavour to carry out into the world.