Biography and Social Development Trust is in the process of closing. This difficult decision was made in September 2016. 

The article below does not reflect the current situation and will be edited in the next few months; meanwhile PABC members will hold consultations and discussions to see what is required now. 

The Professional Association of Biographical Counsellors is formed in association with the Biography and Social Development Trust. The Trust and the PABC share the aim and objective to develop the work of biographical counselling within the wider profession. However, there are differences of approach to achieving this common objective as well as different aims of each body.

The Trust’s primary aim is education, training and research in the areas of Biography Work, Biographical Counselling and Human Encounter out of the perspective of anthroposophy. It runs open courses for the general public, professional training in biographical counselling for those who meet the criteria of application and professional development courses for people already trained in biographical counselling or other social and therapeutic professions. The Trust aims also to maintain the accredited status of the Diploma Course in biographical counselling with the BACP and thus promote and develop biographical counselling alongside other schools of counselling and psychotherapy and extend its arena and influence.

The PABC sees its mission as bringing biographical counselling out into the world by supporting the work, research and professional development of practicing Biographical Counsellors and students in professional training to be biographical counsellors. It also aims to promote and market the profession of biographical counselling itself.

Professional development in the form of training

Whereas the Trust aims to offer training opportunities, e.g. the Diploma Course in biographical counselling, open courses on social and therapeutic themes, and further professional development courses, the PABC aims to concentrate on peer-led courses, deepening and developing the capacities of the professional membership base; support and networking for biographical counsellors and to encourage best practice and personal and professional development. In this connection and in dialogue with the Trust (avoiding competition and conflict of interest) PABC will also on occasion invite outside contributors to support the peer-led learning for members in any particular field.

The Trust will support the PABC in the promotion of such conferences/meetings and the PABC will similarly support the Trust in promoting their courses and workshops. Although the PABC offering courses to non members could be seen as conflicting or competing with the trust, these courses would only occur on very rare occasions where their provision would further PABC’s aim of developing the profession in the wider world (for example inviting a potential commissioner of services or a counselling professional from another field who is interested in BC) and only after prior and close consultation with the trust.

Communication and continuing dialogue between members

The PABC has a forum in which its members can exchange relevant thoughts, knowledge, and experience on issues and publications related to the profession. This forum is linked to the trust website and members of the PABC can enter the forum through both websites.
The forum is accessible only to PABC members.

In terms of research

The Trust will encourage research developed out of its courses and training and the PABC will support and help members who want to further and deepen their research and at the same time will promote and provoke new areas of research. The PABC wishes to encourage and support its membership to disseminate (via as broad a range of media channels as possible) research to further the profile of biographical counselling within the wider psychotherapeutic/counselling professions


The PABC will support biographical counsellors and those studying or working in biographical counselling by, wherever possible, helping to find and establish placement opportunities. The PABC will establish the development of best practice within the biographical counselling profession through raising awareness amongst its membership of issues surrounding codes of conduct, legislation and regulatory matters within the broader counselling and psychotherapeutic professional milieu. The Trust has the same aim but its courses and activities are open to any one with an interest in Biography Work, biographical counselling and questions of social renewal and so it is not restricted to supporting any particular group within its membership. The PABC and the trust will be in dialogue with each other, informing each other of areas of development, interest and concern.


The Trust and the PABC share the same aim: to print, publish and circulate relevant papers, books, pamphlets, journals, abstracts, newsletters, articles and other documents. The PABC will do this within its remit of professional development and of reaching out to a wider therapeutic community. Any research that has its origin in the Diploma Course in biographical counselling is the property of the Trust/training and the individual author. Any publication of this material, will be in consultation with /permission of the Training/Trust and the individual. Its publication outside the training needs to reference the training, Trust and original purpose of the research.