This year AGM was 13 May 2017. 10.30 am - 5 pm. Venue: Temple Lodge, London. Part of the task was amending our Constitution and rethinking our membership and aims. Thank you all for attending. The Minutes are in preparation. 

PABC organised a CPD event : 
24-26 February 2017.  WORKING WITH BIOGRAPHY WITH GROUPS.  In Emerson College.
This weekend with Margli Matthews aims to support and encourage people who want to offer biography work with groups as an addition or enhancement to their profession.

Workshop was open to all who have a foundation in biographical development and counselling skills.

The weekend explored the nature and aims of biography work as adult education and the theory and attitudes that underlie this work. We will consider different rhythms and kinds of workshops and the practical tools and skills needed to run workshops, such as: workshop design, publicity, finances, application; giving talks; facilitating groups; designing biographical and artistic exercises.

There were talks and conversations on these questions as well as artistic and biographical exercises to facilitate understanding the tasks and requirements of running biography workshops. 

The fee £50 for PABC members and £90 for guests (non-PABC members) including tea/coffee breaks.

Deadline for applications and payments 1.02.2017. Please be advised that places are limited to 20.

Timings and location:

Foundation Room, Emerson College

Friday 24th Feb 7 – 9 pm

Saturday 25th Feb 9 am – 5.30 pm

Sunday 26th Feb 9 am – 12.45

Previous events: 

We held a meeting on the 3rd December 2016 in Temple Lodge, London. We shared our thoughts and visions of what PABC needs to be, its tasks and abilities for the nearest future. Summary of the day was sent to all members and friends. 

2016 AGM took place on Saturday 16 April that year. It began with an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues, to express your views on what we need and can do to help each other, to support Biographical Counselling as part of the wider therapeutic community. It was an important day for the future of PABC and our relationship with each other and the world. 

Thank you everybody who attended. Email us if you would like to read the minutes. 

And we have two new members of the Council. See the 'Contacts' page. 

CPD event, 14-15 April 2016 also was a great success. George Perry worked with us on ‘Relationship as Client’: an introduction to working with couples.

8 hours of CPD  

George Perry works as a couple therapist and biographical counsellor in the west of England. George trained at Re.Vision in London and the Biography & Social Development Trust at Emerson College, Sussex. He now also works in China teaching at Foundation Course in Anthroposophical studies. His background is in family mediation and organisational development consultancy. He has an MSc in Conflict Resolution & Mediation and Diplomas in Couple Therapy and in Biographical Counselling.

Archive entries re previous events:
You can read descriptions of some of the previous weekends on the News page and also on our online Forum for members. 

2015 AGM took place 20-23 March. As before it was combined with a training workshop, continuing the theme of Addiction, a members for members workshop. The minutes are being prepared. The members are invited to share their thoughts about the initiatives the PABC can carry.

September 2014Meeting Addiction: Spiritual Scientific Identification, Manifestation and Ways of Working. CPD endorsed by the BACP.
Main guest contributor is Dr James Dyson. Andrea Sprenger will contribute form her extensive experience and research into use of substances, alcohol in particular.
Dr James Dyson is one of the tutors at British Postgraduate Training in Anthroposophic Medicine, he was a co-founder of Park Attwood Clinic where he worked from 1979 to 2003. He has practised as a doctor in Steiner Waldorf Schools and in centres for social therapy. His areas of special interest are developmental psychology and adult mental health and he is a regular contributor to anthroposophic therapeutic trainings in this country, USA and Australia. He is a faculty member of the Medical Section Seminar on Mental Health.

February 2014: PABC AGM and Members for members weekend continuing the theme of Working with Anxiety in Biographical Counselling. CPD endorsed by BACP.
September 2013: PABC training weekend Meeting Anxiety: Spiritual Scientific Identification, Manifestation and Ways of Working, with guest contributor Marah Evans. CPD endorsed by BACP. 
January 2013: PABC AGM and Members for members weekend
September 2012: PABC members joined the Medical conference at the Goetheanum
March 2012: Identity, working with loss of self - CPD endorsed by BACP
October 2011: Identity, PABC Logo work - CPD endorsed by BACP
January 2011: Members for Members, including AGM
October 2010: Working with the Biographical Chart, guest contributor: Anita Charton
March 2010: Working with the Threshold in BC, guest contributor: Wolfgang Drescher
November 2009: Depression and Anxiety workshop and AGM, guest contributors: Dr. James Dyson and Margli Matthews