All PABC members are qualified biographical counsellors unless otherwise stated

 Name:Jo Betts
 Location:Kings Langley, Hertfordshire                                                                                              

 Research interests:

private practice in London and Hertfordshire, also on Skype

Space behind the wall
 Other: Individual and couple counselling - I also work with families and children of all ages. Reg.MBACP                                                                            
 Phone:07967 124 983 
 Name: Carine Biessels
 Location: Witten, Germany                                                                               
 Practice: Biographical Counselling and Biography work for individuals and groups  
 Research interests: Goodbyes and their influence in daily life, coping with changes, anxiety; the inner child influencing our adult life; dreams
 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP                                                                                              
+49 (0) 159 028 89775 and +44 (0) 075 024 03026
 Name:Sally St Clair
 Location:Andalucia, Spain, Pitres, 18414                                                                                                                                                 
 Practice:Biographical Counselling and Biography work with individuals  
 Research interests:Attachment issues; transgenerational influences; mid-life; use of soul images in the therapy space; dreams
 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, BSc Biol/Edu York, MBACP                                                                                                 
 Phone:0034 684 267 043
 Name: Julia Dvinskaya
 Location:  London Hammersmith and Baker Street, also Skype                                                                                                                                                      
 Practice: Biographical Counselling for individuals and couples. Biography workshops

 Research interests:

Working with the 12 human senses in counselling, relationships, anxiety, trust.              

Dip. Biographical Counselling, Waldorf teachers training
, Reg. MBACP (Accred), 
07939 011 508
 Name: Bara Filipkova

Prague, Czech Republic
Jecna 2, Praha 2, 120 00, Czech Rep.

Biographical Counselling and Biography work for individuals and groups  
 Research interests:    

Understanding human biography; effects of childhood traumas in adult life and ways to address them; soul dynamics and inner dialogue; currently preparing a booklet on inner voices and inner dialogue in cooperation with David Newbatt           

Dip. Biographical Counselling, 
BA in Curative Education              
+420 608 809550                                                                                                                                           

 Name: Celia Freije
 Location: Forest Row, East Sussex, UK                                                                                                                                                                                                             
 Practice: Biographical Counselling for individuals
 Research interests: The connection between childhood attachment and the ability to form and maintain relationships in adult life; transgenerational aspect of self-development 
 Other:  Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP, Art therapist in training at Tobias School of Art and Therapy                                                    
07801 977 783

 Name:Anita Charton 
 Location:Cambridge, UK                                                                                                                                                  
 Practice:Short term Biographical Coaching; Seminars on Biographical themes on request; Contributions to different Biography Trainings; Mentorship of Biography Trainings
 Research interests:The Biography impulse in its unfolding as a generally human impulse in a global context; I am passionate about the coming together of people from different nations recognising that working on working on their biography means making a creative contribution to humanity's development. I want to continue to develop Biographical Coaching as a means to help the "I" meet the challenges of our times.
 Other: Dip.Clinical Psych. Co-founder of the Biography and Social Development Trust; Co-founder and coordinator of the International Trainers Forum for Biography Trainings (ITF)                                                                                       
 Phone:+44 7548 322 248

 Name:Harel Gafni
 Location:Norway (Vestfold) and Israel                                                                                                                                                   
 Practice:Biographical Counselling and Biography work with individuals, couples and groups  
 Research interests:Meeting as a key to healing; experiencing and acknowledging the connections of threads weaving within and between people and the world; relationships - encounters - conflict - possibilities - development - transformation; finding the keys that lay within us.
 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP, Dip. Bio-dynamic Agriculture                                                                                         
 Phone:0047 33444 121, mobile: 0047 90743 489
 Website:in preparation

 Name:Lisa Harbour
 Location:Cornwall, UK                                                                                                                                                  
 Practice:Biographical Counselling and Biography work for individuals and groups

 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP                                                                                         
 Phone:07891 167 126

 Name: Margarita Maria Higuera
 Location: UK and Colombia


In the Margarita worked for an IAPT provider as a Psychological wellbeing practitioner and a counselling therapist Psychologist; Psychological wellbeing practitioner 
In Colombia she is running a project for creating a Therapeutic Centre. Reg.MBACP (Accred.), Dip. Biographical Counselling 
078 83 069 240  
 Name: Riitta Jutila
 Location: Aberdeen, UK                                                                                                     
Counselling in association with Camphill Medical Trust/Wellbeing Trust;  
Grampian Regional Equality Council, including non-english speaking clients working with interpreter
 Practice: Biographical Counselling for individuals and groups, including by phone/skype; contract with local authority for people with disabilities, mental health issues, dementia; Riitta also runs a group in a care home setting
 Research interests: Memory loss (dementia) for young and older people from early stages to incapacity; end of life questions; memory loss and relationships 
 Other:  Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP Reg, BACP Certificate of Proficiency
Recently contracted by BACP as a case-study writer 
In training for counselling children of secondary school age                       
078 03 593 870 
 Name:Christina Lines
 Location:Sussex, Canterbury area, Kent, London, Hertfordshire                                                                                               
 Practice:Biographical Counselling with individuals, Biography Work with groups  
 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, Dip. Art Therapy, Health visitor, RHV, BN, Midwifery trained.                                                                                 
 Phone:01342 825125 or 07800 505 796 

 Name: Giovanna Mabanta
 Location:  Forest Row, East Sussex and London, UK                                                                                                                                                                          
 Practice: Biographical Counselling and Biography work for individuals and groups 
 Research interests:

The Manichaean path - loving the evil good; living thinking - the artistic process in counselling; bridging body and soul - Anthroposophical medical work and Biographical Counselling                 
Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP
 Phone: 07720 783 780

 Name: Margli Matthews
 Location: Forest Row, East Sussex and London, UK                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
 Practice: Biographical Counselling for individuals and couples, biography work with groups on request
 Research interests: The contribution of biographical counselling to the wider profession and the soul needs for our time; the therapeutic relationship; male and female/relationships; identity; soul care; trauma in biographical development; inter generational questions 
 Other:  PG Dip. Couns, Cert Supervision, Reg.MBACP (Accred), CAHSC registered, Trainer and Supervisor, co-founder of the Biography and Social Development Trust, 20 years Director of the Diploma Course in Biographical Counselling                                          
07762 849 828

 Name:Emma Matsambanye
 Location: South Devon, UK                                                                                                                                                                           
 Practice:Biographical Counselling and Biography work for groups, counselling work with domestic violence and abuse survivors, Equine Assisted Therapy 
 Research interests:

Child Development and attachment issues
Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP
 Phone:07792 962 290

 Name:Lucila Machado
 Location: Edinburgh, Scotland                                                                                                
 Practice:Biographical Counselling and Biography work for individuals and groups 
 Research interests:

The relationship between the human senses and mental health, especially the four lower senses which are related to early childhood; trauma and personal development                 
Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP Reg.
 Phone:0131 443 3945
 Website:under construction 

 Name:Jane Meredith
 Location: Herefordshire                                                                                                
 Practice:Biographical Counselling and Biography work for individuals and groups;
Oasis facilitator  
 Research interests:

Life changes at moon nodes and half moon nodes

Dip. Biographical Counselling, Dip. Humanistic Counselling, MBACP Reg.
 Phone:07833 165 456
 Website:under construction 

 Name:George Perry 
 Location:Gloucestershire, UK                                                                                                                                                      
 Practice:Biographical Counselling for individuals and couples. Open workshops and business seminars for biography work. Therapeutic group work in communities. Mediation for separating couples.   
 Research interests:Relationship challenges as threshold issues of our times. The ‘third body’ aspect of relationships. Encounter and the development of self. Mid-life transition. The link between personal and social biography. 
 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, MBACP, Dip. Couple Counselling. MSc in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. Organisation development consultant.                                                                                        
07973 134 739

 Name:Andrea Sprenger 
 Location:St Luke's Therapy Centre, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK                                                                                                                                                      
 Practice:Biographical Counselling with individuals. Biography workshops for groups.
 Research interests:Relationship challenges; relationship between therapist and client; sibling relationships.  
 Other: Dip. Biographical Counselling, Dip. Counselling (Integrative), CAHSC registered                                                                                       
 Phone:07939 139 522  

 Name:Penny West
 Location: St Luke's Therapy Centre, Stroud, Gloucestershire                                                                                                                                                      
 Practice:Biographical Counselling for individuals


Dip. Biographical Counselling, Reg. MBACP (Accred)
 Phone:07873 806 719

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