Events, talks, courses, workshops and conferences related to Biographical Counselling and Biography work. 

2-4 February 2018: Day In Day Out. Biography workshop with Margli Matthews and Paul Matthews. Emerson College, UK. Information and booking via this link at Emerson College. 

9 February: Talk and seminar: Turning points in our biography. What are they? How to work with them. 
by Julia Dvinskaya. Rudolf Steiner House, London. 7-9 pm. No need to book. 

17 February: One day workshop: Deepening Resilience. 
With Pauline Marksteiner-Wilde and Jane Chase. More info and booking: St. Lukes Therapy Centre Stroud

14-17 September 2017: International annual Conference of the Medical Section at the Goetheanum. 
Theme this year : Living Warmth. 
Counsellors, psychotherapists and therapists are invited and encouraged to attend. Here is the link. 

14-18 June 2017: Next World Wide Biography Conference will take place at the Goetheanum, Dornach in Switzerland from 
Here is the link for the programme and other information, email them directly to ask. 
These Conferences traditionally happen once every two years. PABC will encourage members to take part, to contribute and to share at this forthcoming conference.

12-14 May 2017: Anthroposophical Medical Conference, Stourbridge. Biographical counsellors were invited and some of our members attended.  

May: Christina Lines offered a group biography workshop in Kent. 

April: Julia Dvinskaya offered a group biography workshop in Rudolf Steiner House, London. 

January: Jane Chase and Pauline Marksteiner offered a biography workshop in Hawkwood College.


September. Mercury (UK Association for Anthroposophic Counselling and Psychotherapy, creared in 2014) had its AGM in Elysia Therapeutic Centre in Stourbridge. They also held a shared joint conference with a larger group of psychotherapists as well as a recent event with Hartmut Horn, Family Psychotherapist who is newly representing Psychotherapy for the Medical Section in Dornach.
Our first Newsletter (came in September 2016) was a great success. We now are looking for an initiative group to take it further. 

Spring 2016: Working with Relationships. CPD with George Perry. See PABC Events page for more details. 

December: 1, London. Talk Challenge of Anxiety, part of Tuesday Talks series in Rudolf Steiner House. With Julia Dvinskaya

November: 14, Workshop at Elysia Therapeutic Centre
With Annette Gordon and Jane Chase 

July: LifewaysA summer week with workshops, activities, music and adventure for men, women and children. Emerson College, UK. Biography work in groups for parents and carers. 
With Christina Lines.

For the forthcoming workshops organised by the Biography and Social Development Trust, click here. Excellent workshops, exciting professional development opportunities. 


OCTOBER: 24-26, Stourbridge. Biodynamic Association Conference. Click on the link for the Programme and details. If you attend watch out for the PABC brochures, they will be at the AS in GB stall. 

APRIL: 25-27, Aberdeen. Work and Inner Life. Conference for Health Professionals new to Working with Anthroposophic Medicine. Click on this link to register your interest. For more information contact Simon von Leishout on

MARCH: 14-16, Emerson College UK.  Reading the Dream: Working with Dreams in Biographical Counselling. Biography and Social Development Trust Open Course. 


24-26, Psychotherapy: Becoming each other’s Awakener - Biography & Soc. Dev. Trust. Open course.

MARCH: 1-3, Mood Disorders: Mountains & Abysses of the Mind - Biography & Soc. Dev. Trust. Open course.

APRIL:    20-21, Respectful Care: Understanding the First Three Years as the Foundation for a Healthy Life   National Conference, Kings Langley Rudolf Steiner School, Herts, Lourdes Callen offers talks and workshop.

26 April -1 May,   Masculine and Feminine: Their Dynamic Interplay - Biography & Soc. Dev. Trust. Open course. 

MAY:      18-25, Enlightening the Heart - International Young Medics Forum - Goetheanum. 
Carine Biessels is part of the organising team. 

JULY: 28 July - 3 August, LifewaysA summer week with workshops, activities, music and adventure for men, women and children. Emerson College, UK. Christina Lines and Lucila Machado are running a biography workshop. See the Brochure. 

OCTOBER: 16-20, in Delrow Camphill, first module (6 in total) of Mental Health Seminar, by Anthroposophic Health and Social Care. 

OCTOBER: 15, in Rudolf Steiner House, In Dialogue with Life, Tuesday Talks series. 

NOVEMBER: 15-17, Life on the Threshold of Illness and Death - Biography & Soc. Dev. Trust. Open course.