GENESIS OF THE PLAINT

                In the divine court of Mahayuga before the bench of
                Love and Devotion mercy petition no. 1 in Kaliyuga

The Bench of Judges
  1. Lord Rama                :   Presiding Judge
  2. Divine Mother Sita     :  Co-opted Expert Advisor
  3. Lord Lakshmana        :  Puisne Judge
  4. Lord Bharat               :  Puisne Judge
  5. Lord Shatrughan        :  Puisne Judge
Goswami Tulsidas, disciple of Sri Narharyanand, aged about eighty-five years, 
resident of Ayodhya,erstwhile capital of Rama-Rajya, and of Kashi, Abode of 
Lord Shiva.                                                                                 -PLAINTIFF
The Six Passions together with Nine Manifestations of Vice, collectively known 
as the Fifteen Adversaries of Virtue, named hereinunder as Defendants & 

The Six Passions: (1) Lust; (2) Wrath; (3) Greed; (4) Inebriation; 
(5) Attachments; (6) Ego                                                        -DEFENDANTS

The Nine Manifestations of Vice(1) Violence (2) Falsehood; (3) Pride;
(4) Envy; (5) Strife; (6) Suspicion; (7) Jealousy; (8) Rivalry; 
(9) Covetousness                                                             -Co-DEFENDANTS

Council for Palintiff                    :  Hanuman (Messenger of Lord Rama)
Counsel for the Defendants         :  Kaliyuga (Th Age of predominance of
                                                        Vice over Virtue)


The Plaintiff respectfully submits that: - 

Because he, the Plaintiff, having resolved to pursue the path of Devotion in his 
Beloved Lord Rama, and in consequence thereof
Because he, the Plaintiff, proclaimed the Divine Message of the Lord's Comp-
assionate Mercy and Bounteous Grace being readily available to the ignorant, 
the evil doeers, and sinners; and

Because the Defendant abetted by the Co-Defendants, seeking to establish
pre-eminence of Vice over Virtue in kaliyuga, challanged the Plaintiff in his 
resolve and launched an unprovoked attack on him, employing formidable 
weapons of Sense Pleasures; and

Because the Palintiff has surrendered himself completely, uncondiitonally and
unsweringly,in steadfast devotion to his Beloved Lord.

Wherefore the Plaintiff submits this 'Mercy Petition' in three parts, comprising:
The Invocation, the Preamle of the Plaint, and the (Letter of) Plaint, which 
contains his Indicment, Confession of guilt, Arguments, cases in precedence as 
evidence of Divine Bounty, together with his humble Petition for Compassionate
Mercy, as set forth in the Articles of the Plaint annexed hereto; and

Prayer repectfully prays, implores and beseeches the Divine Court of Love to:

1.  Grant the Palintiff Compassionate Mercy out of the Lord's Bounteous Grace; and
2.  Restrain the  Defendants and Co-Defendants, named in this Plaint as the 'Fifteen  
     Adversaries if Virtue' , from the further persecution of the Plaintiff, to enable him
     to pursue his solemn resolve of proclaiming the Fame and Glory of his Beloved 
     Lord, freely, faithfully and fearlessly as ordained by the establised Divine Law.