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Outstanding Academic/Research Librarians of the Year

Purpose: To recognize librarians for their outstanding national contribution to academic or research librarianship and library development in the Philippines.  Three awards may be given each year, one for an outstanding academic/research librarian from Luzon, another from the Visayas, and the third, from Mindanao region. 

Donor/Source of Fund: PAARL Scholarship Fund 

Nature of Grant: Plaque of Recognition and cash gift amounting to P 5,000.00 for each awardee to be given during the Annual General Assembly


Criteria: Nominee should have demonstrated achievements in the following areas:

a)     Planning and implementing an innovative or a high-impact library program for an academic/research library 

b)     Significant and influential research on academic or research library service

c)     Service to the organized profession through PAARL and other related organizations


Selection Process: Nominations should be addressed to the Awards and Scholarship Committee, which conducts the search and screening process,  and submits a final list of nominees for the Board’s approval. 

Deadline: October 31 for submission of nominees;  November 30 for submission to the Board of Directors