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Best Research Award

The Best Research Award, established in 2014, is given to the author/s of the best three winning research outputs for the year, with a cash incentive of P10,000 for the first prize, and P5,000 for the second and third prizes, together with a plaque of recognition.  Accepted Research Papers submitted for this award are published online in the PAARL Research Journal. View the top three researches for 2014 here. For the Best Research Awards for 2015, please go to page 18 of our Newsletter. And for the Best Research Awards for 2016, go to our Newsletter on page 19. For the 2017 Best Research Awards, go to our 2017 December Newsletter here.

PAARL is pleased to announce the Call for Papers to be published in the forthcoming issue of the PAARL Research Journal, which will qualify for the Best Research Award 2014. The purpose of this call is to provide an excellent opportunity for library practitioners/ information professionals to disseminate their research outputs through publication and oral presentation in a forum/seminar.

This call is open to all library practitioners/information professionals who work in an academic/research library.

The authors of the top three (3) accepted papers shall be given a 20-minute timeslot to present their research outputs during the 4th Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series on 21 November 2014, with the overall theme, "Librarians as Researchers."

Of the top three papers to be accepted for Internet/journal publication and presentation, one will be chosen as the Best Research Award for the year 2014. Author(s) of the winning paper shall receive a cash incentive of Php 10,000.00 and a trophy/plaque of recognition, which will be awarded at the Association's General Assembly on 30 January 2015. Click here for more details: http://www.slideshare.net/PAARLOnline/research-award-call-for-papers



Authors should note the following when submitting manuscripts: 

1. Full paper should be in Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx) format and submitted through e-mail to 


2. Authors must follow the Instruction for Authors (see item 4 below) to be qualified/considered for acceptance. 

3. All authors will be notified after process of peer review by the Committee as to whether or not their 

submission has been successful. 

4. Revisions must be submitted within five (5) days upon receipt of the decision letter/notification inviting a 


5. Accepted papers shall be published on the Association’s website and shall be included in the upcoming 

issue of the PAARL Research Journal

6. Accepted papers shall be presented during the 4th Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series



Papers should be prepared following these guidelines: 



1. Font face should be Times New Roman size 12. Title should be in bold face, size 14. Major headings 

in bold face. 

2. Should be formatted using Letter-sized paper (8.5 x11 in.). 

3. Paragraph format should be single-spaced, with justified margins. 

4. Full paper should not exceed 5,000 words. 


Organization of the Research Paper 


 Full name of Author(s), affiliation(s) and e-mail address  

 Introduction/Background of the Study 

 Purpose of the study 


 Results and discussion 

 Conclusion and recommendations 


 Appendices (if any) 


14 October 2014 Deadline of full paper submission 

21 October 2014 Notification (authors) of acceptance of papers for presentation to the 4th Marina G. Dayrit Lecture Series

07 November 2014 Announcement of accepted papers for oral presentation 

21 November 2014 Oral presentation of accepted papers at the MGDLS4 

30 January 2015 Awarding of recipient of Best Research Award 2014 at the PAARL General Assembly