Twickel - Overijssel

Welcome to my website about camping locations in the Netherlands! Unfortunately the Netherlands, like most European countries, has outlawed camping in the wild. However, a number of designated camping spots throughout the Netherlands offer a similar experience. On these campsites you can stay one or more nights for free, without needing to check in anywhere. You're likely to be the only one there and many of the spots can only be reached on foot. Most of these locations are difficult to find. This website seeks to provide up-to-date and reliable information on the subject.


As previously stated no reservation or registration is required in order to use these camping spots. They are free of charge. On the other hand, the locations lack almost all amenities. Some offer a bench and a picnic table, while others have a water pump (groundwater not safe for consumption). Some are no more than a small field of grass and a sign marking the location of the campsite.

The rules concerning use of these locations vary slightly. All set a limit to the duration of your stay. This ranges from 24 to 72 hours. To my knowledge no-one has ever been asked to leave though, even when staying longer. Since camping in the wild is not allowed in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to stay reasonable close to the sign which designates the campsite. Again, this rule does not appear to be set in stone.

Two rules are absolutely essential. First, do not leave any garbage. These places are often in remote locations and campers are expected to pick up after themselves. Second, do not make an open fire. On some campsites you'll find a hearth, but on most you won't. An outdoor gas burner for cooking your meal or water is no problem.

This website

The most useful part of this website can be found under the section called "Kaart", meaning map. Here you'll find a Google Map with the exact locations of all the campsites. Under "Locaties" you'll find a list of all the locations, including some which have been removed and some of which their current status is unclear. These are not shown on the map. At "Locatiebeschrijvingen" you can find more information (in Dutch) and pictures of a select number of these campsites.

Enjoy your stay in the Netherlands!